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Guys check this out we're currently here in malibu what is going on over here, whoa, oh yeah, all lined up baby dang guys. Look at this. What you got to be kidding me just left, abandoned on the side of the road, along with the road sign. Only in malibu believe it or not boys and girls.

We're back here at the malibu country mark check this out. 5 clk 63 black series, two in black three in red one's got gold wheels anthony unofficial, like that. The no play game this one to the left here is probably the one that's most meant. Oh, this guy's wearing a goddamn crocodile outfit with some 5clk 63 black series.

That's pretty sick nathan! What do you have to say about his tail? Sos black series and white super rare color, looking absolutely mint, oh yeah check out these dogs yeah. We got street plugs here with his snakes baby. Look at him! Let's go, let's go! What are their names again, let's hear him gucci, yeah, grimmy and blue. Let's go sick there.

He is the man street baby. Hustling subscribe. This channel check him out just another people post every day. Dude puts me to shame.

Oh man, i posted two videos this entire month. What am i doing like? Like 15.? I don't know, i'm slacking. Go get in the comments and let him know he's sleeping, don't be sleeping yeah, oh yeah! There you go appreciate it baby all right! Take care man all right, guys, we're back here at cms motorsports, a couple of the parts have gone off on the s600 they're inside there. These they're inside there in the paint, booth, they're getting sprayed and clear coated.

We're gon na meet up with shawn a little bit but check out his 420 sel he's going to talk about this car in just a little bit. But man it's going to see the 12 000 s 600 ready to roll at a drop of a hat. It's got the sun shade. Yes, there you go being fully utilized in the socal weather and sun into the paint booth.

Oh oh base boy yeah, and this kind of shows us all the little details that you need to pretty much catch up on. Oh yeah, but mainly you can see now with the slight sheen all the bumper lines and everything that wow it kind of uh shows all the details, so yeah spray the clear coat yeah. It's just gon na completely pop open wow he's getting ready to shoot the clear coat okay, cool right right after this got all the parts laid out here. We got the side, skirt front and rear bumpers.

We're gon na do three layers of clear coat here and they're gon na wet and sand it afterwards, let's step outside, get the fresh air sean at cms, always with the coolest stuff out here no way hold on whoa. It's got that beautiful mercedes smell 420 sel original everything holy crap garage, kept. Someone definitely loved. This car matching wheels amg, wheels, coolest stuff here at marina, west, auto body, slash cms, motorsports, baby bag for the tool kit i opened up when i saw oh no way like not not only the tool kit but the plastic bag.

Wow unreal, that's crazy. It's got the first aid kit in there right, yep, damn i think so. I haven't even opened that up honestly for years of ownership - and i haven't opened that up there it is from 1990 baby. We got a clear coat on holy crap.

Look at the shine baby, you see the reflection of the fluorescent, light yeah on the bumper and you start moving back and you kind of let that light follow through and if there's it still has a little texture because of the additional clear. But once this is wet sanded and cut it's going to be flawless, so we have an aventador sv here with four rental cops. Let's check this out, one two three yeah are those coughs or not. They have badges.

I can't tell dude, they literally have magic. There's a fourth one right there i see the badge, but those are not cop cars. That one is it for sure what says traffic i don't know. I don't know they were escorting.

This uh aventador sv in white there, by the way, i'm feeling with my phone guys. So if the quality is lacking, you know exactly why that's kind of crazy dude hold on right there. What the hell backpack is out secured. Oh, i can't tell look at this.

Hold on just guys check this out. I've never seen this ever that's a serious operation. They're not cops. What the hell am.

I i don't know this guy wrote up with four security detail on motorbikes. Oh watch your door, you idiot: where did the bikes go? They're? All hiding there yeah they're in there, oh yeah, that's weird check this out. We got a ferrari a12 gts with a top down absolutely sick speck and blue, yellow calipers silver wheels, damn brand new. That is really clean.

Uh zoom zoom zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom zoom, oh yeah, who are you good, sir? We will never know by the way, guys if you're ever in beverly hills never eat at ocean. Prime, this place is highly overrated and expensive. Oh, i get a startup here all right. Mr anthony we're doing a little car spot in here yeah.

You supposedly heard something that i caught a little bit. I caught the tail end of it, so they they moved the a12 gts up for the guy and the girl yeah. They pull it up. The girl walks up to the valet he's in the car yeah.

She goes. Why did you move the car? It was here. You shouldn't have moved it. I heard that yeah, so he went around the block, we think, or else he backed it up either yeah.

I i think he backed it up. They usually don't move around the entire block, because it's a one-way right here on brighton, so they probably backed up the car, so he goes uh uh. Well, i had to move and she goes uh. There was something on the wheel: there was something on the wheel.

You shouldn't have moved the car. Why did you move it? She couldn't get a good answer, she was pissed and he just goes and she goes well. If you felt like you had to do it, then i guess you had to do it and she was not happy, but she didn't like follow up she's just yeah. She just looks like a sticker.

Maybe like a note or something like as like we're not a token of affection, we actually watch you leave on a wheel. I don't know i've, i'm trying to figure out what we will leave on a wheel, but yeah nothing is coming to mind. We can walk this entire block, always a mystery out in beverly hills. You know, i thought i was just trying to do a little car spotting.

That's all i was trying to do i'd even film. The svg i mean guys caught a glimpse of it, but then anthony hears this crazy nonsense and we had to uh follow up so uh. We might actually loop back down there and see if there's anything on the ground, all right. What the hell look at that color on that 720s, it's like color changing and he got the pink colony.

That's pretty sick! Actually, that's not bad guys. What is this school bus doing? Here? We got the kohli, we got the maybach, we got a bentayga and a couple range rovers and g-wagon school bus. This is 69 on it. I don't know that's kind of weird, oh yeah, that dude's serious, it's not uh.

Oh, oh! Okay! Sorry i mean you have a school bus in beverly hills. What do you think you're doing? Look at this lamp truck, what the hell? What is that dancery? Maybe whoa? Damn okay got the rolly c63s there's an aventador up there, but uh it's a little busy tonight. Another roller over there, oh just trying to zoom in, but it's not cooperating, okay, a little herbicon uh! Oh that's a timeout right there. Damn! Oh american cops, do hate supercars, yes, one of the biggest most successful compilations on the f-spot channel.

Let's turn around have a little look-see. I have no idea what this guy did to get pulled over. It's a ghost town. Here, it's dead it's and this guy gets pulled over.

That's crazy. I i don't know well there. He is that sucks hate to see it, but it does make for a pretty nice thumbnail. American cops hate, supercars compilation, part five baby.

Let's go 2021 edition. All right guys doing a little garage spot here check out this alfa romeo. Is that a pickup truck or an suv or what? What is this like? A jeep, i'm not really sure, but we got the bronco again and the g wagon? Oh, the cavalry, is gone. That's a different, g-wagon anyways seems pretty gnarly i got this.

Is the camera picking it up guys 100 a wrap, never mind. I've never seen this before. Oh all, right all right. We got an svj roadster monza sp2 right over here, go ahead, you're good, not bad.

What's up dang, okay, another svj roadster and a 911.? Oh, oh grayson, a malibu autobahn, my god wait! What is that? No? Oh, no! It's the mustang over there. Are they really yeah? Oh no they're! Actually calling the cops. Are you serious? Why no way? No? They just got here dude, that was that was record time. Oh damn, oh, oh there, it is.

Are they gon na shut down the street uh? They probably are that's crazy. Look at all the cars here. Oh oh, they got like cops on every intersection here. Oh, my god, look at that super with no uh rear.

Bumper bumper delete seen a lot more m3s and fours the face of oh, my sweet baby. Jesus, hey more bedroom! Look at that strandman all right, we're at a rooftop in santa monica. It's starting to fill out real nice, pretty decent. What's going on everyone's life, what the holy! Oh! Oh, what the oh there! It is yeah straight ahead straight ahead.

Santa monica we park here on the street. Oh guys, take a little nap right over there. I guess they were meeting up at the rooftop there, the malibu autobahn guys the lady was none too pleased back to beverly hills. I guess jeez to the screen bro this guy's just taking a nap bro.


By effspot

13 thoughts on “Instant karma for triggered karen: supercar revs in her face”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Whale says:

    Lmao that was a funny night. The lady got spit all over my car 😭

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mehmet Güner says:

    That guy in the Mclaren SH1T himself when she started screaming 😂🤣😂🤣 I don’t know which is funnier, what he did or what she did hahahahahhaha

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PBJ says:

    You’re laugh while zooming in on the camera couldn’t make me think less of a cringe paparazzi guy zooming in on a creep shot 😂

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R A says:

    Lost for words why some people think they can stop a GROUP / CROWD etc by whinging. Seen it at car meets, in busy shopping centres and other places.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kuro _ says:

    Karen: writing down everyone's license plate
    Also Karen: making her face mask useless by pulling it off and shout to the driver

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gage Towler says:

    Sjw lookin self, pulling down her mask to scream in someone’s face, probably negating her own self righteous mask mandate enforcement I can assume she has; just being entitled to the environment around her because if you make her unhappy then no one gets off easily. I bet she has bigger issues that she just pushes to the side on a daily basis in search of some other thing to blame it all on. Tired of people acting like such jerks

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ★ Famous says:

    After this video was released, Karen was no longer known as just Karen, She’s now McKaren; this fucking lady bro.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SliccJay says:

    I love how effspot could have multiple super cars but instead drives a Prius throw bev hills😂

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Midwest Motorsports says:

    I was waiting for you to rev up the ol' Merc there!!!!!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matt Pulliam says:

    I seen a low point on your bumper that they were painting

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Williamson says:

    Flying in to Cali soon I wanna try to meet up with you is that possible can you show me the best California can show me

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MM 126 says:

    You shoulda got her license plate number and screamed in her face

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alec The Car Guy says:

    I wish everyone will be able to afford to buy their dream cars in the nearest future!

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