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We're currently here at the terminal, eight studios, mr lambo jesus, has picked up another murcielago, lp 640 gated missed a cold start up. A man check it out. It's the orange one by the way oh yeah lambo jesus himself has a few more surprises, stay tuned. For this friday he's over there doing some work, but it's around like 10 30, 11 p.m.

Making uh pretty late night deals around here at the terminal 8 studios. This diablo here is absolutely beautiful in monterey, blue man. What negated look at that? Oh yeah! That's crazy! Smells nice too, mr alex what what is going on. It's like 11 p.m.

On a tuesday. I don't even know where i've been today at this point, i'm hoping that james is unveiled but he's gon na unveil. Oh yeah, there's a lot of unveilings happening this week. Yes, sir, and he did elude in his video we're both we both bought italians.

Today, there you go, got the second mercy. You've been hunting a six-speed for a long time, yeah and man - i couldn't be happier - couldn't be buying it from a better guy. Oh yeah, mr terminoid himself. Yes, sir, the man, the legend, that's crazy there.

It is boys wow, remember how i had mine out when we went on a road. Oh that's right! They're huge, the mercies have huge front trunks and of course we got his personal svj right over here. These have skyrocketed in value, my goodness huge congrats to mr alex lambo, a zeus, we're going to be reuniting with him, and this man is strad in a couple days for a nice little surprise. So stay tuned boys and girls.

I'm gon na hop in my prius right over here boys. I really think i need an lp 640 in my life there. She goes look at that. This is a brand new complex that they just finished a couple months ago, and i don't know about you.

It looks absolutely terrible we're gon na check up on the prices and see how much they're charging but my gosh. What are they gon na ask something like 2500, you are extremely close. We are looking at a whopping, 2. 900.

Listen, i see what they were going for, but at the same time it does look pretty dated. I don't know they're living the corolla me too and it'll be free 2900 for that come on los angeles. Get a grip. Oh looks like someone's car's getting searched.

I don't know i don't like it, i don't like it: oh no bueno gts on those wheels and there's a massive alpaca in the back. That's pretty sick! All right guys we're currently here at cms, motorsports, there's a woman right behind me or actually right in front of me just staring me down, but that's okay, shawn at cms is going to hook it up. It's going to give us a little update on. What's going on with the kit, the kit, unfortunately, from russia has been uh, it's weathered many storms, it's it's had a rough life, so to speak.

That being said, a lot of work has been put into it. He's gon na give us a little update. Let's hop in and take a look, this portion of the of the bumper yeah it had like a bunch of waves, so we we put this filler in it yeah to let it cure a little bit sure we're going to sand it down, and then this line We're going to get this line nice and crisp and nice and straight sure, is it supposed to be see here because it's it's under the license plate yep, it's nice and crisp, nice and flat over here over time you see how it's rounded up. So it's supposed to be nice and crisp like this.

That's why we left this piece yep, so it kind of gives us a guide, got it okay, and that line has to go down all the way and then it dissipates about right there, gotcha yeah. So this is where it just be. You don't really see it now, but once we paint it the color of your car yep. If this line isn't correct yeah, it's not going to look good at all.

It's kind of like a fake kit, yeah exactly that's the kind of little touches that make it make it original. There was like literally an eighth of an inch of paint, five layers of paint yeah, and then they had a bunch of like bondo filler on it. So we stripped them down to work in plastic and we're stuck i'm glad. At least a few of the parts were left untouched right.

That gives us basically a guideline of how it's supposed to go. Absolutely whoever had it on the car when they're parallel parking in tight spots, the first things they hit are the front and rear bumpers. That's why they probably got it constantly. Repainted yeah, yeah yeah makes sense the front bumper had like five layers of paint the rear.

Bumper had like three layers of paint: the side skirts had like ones once they're, prepped and primered, and we have the body line nice and crisp sure. Then we're gon na pre-fit them on the car again, yeah make sure everything's lined up before it goes into final paint. Cool man thanks for the update, so they're gon na be literally brand new. Yes, anthony here's just hooking it up with the windshield skills.

Here, man, the cleaning skills, unfortunately, the rest of this car is in pretty bad shape. Uh i hit a cone at 80 miles an hour on the 101. That is the damage that it did right there. Look at that guys.

I cleaned it up there. Oh thanks like nothing. No, i appreciate it there. She is boys, the workhorse of the f-spot channel 220 thousand plus miles running absolutely flawless.

Fingers crossed. Let's just hear it dude. That's that's crazy! No way! Look at that are you kidding me dude currently out here with the whole squad. We got anthony unofficial, the man of strad, mr lambo jesus and, of course, mr mark who owns rpm productions, jesus tumbler that he's building - oh, my god, holy crap.

Everyone is losing their minds. Look at this guy, this person right here and then boom wow. Look at these people over there. It's a show stopper for sure thoughts on the tumblr, dude uh.

Definitely the ultimate attention-getter wow. I mean if anybody doesn't look at this thing like what doesn't take are they alive sounds good dude. It sounds good wow that person over there, oh 512 tr and cocoin white. It's a miami vice versa right here.

That's awesome, of course, got the other cars here that we've seen the other night. When mr lambo jesus picked up the lp 640 gated right there. She is a real beaut. Look at that, mr terminal.

Eight always hooking it up. The interiors of these things are insane. Look at that beautiful filming my phone guys, i kind of messed up left the camera at the studio. We got mr lambo jesus here dude.

This is so weird. This is sacrilegious for me right now, i'm driving ferrari, oh man! This is sick. This is kind of great straight up miami. This sounds like wraps.

They sound really good. I wonder if this sock could do some uh - oh my god, some some magic here, don't tell me, i mean listen. This is wow, oh boy, that is going dude, not bad. Dude this is the first ferrari i've ever driven because oh really anthony's wasn't real ferrari baby.

That's the first poem a gated lp 640 rolling around the corner. Oh there they are smiles all around baby. All right got the boys out back at terminal eight better than ever baby a lot going on. That's crazy got the man of strad test driving another car.

Oh goodness, gracious! Oh whoa, all right guys we're back at the pad. We got a little mew-mew just having a little nap there and i just replaced my entire shelf here or cabinet with uh resin models. All the die-cast models might be for sale. I know i keep saying that, but just trust me: egoista 760 pagani, venino, roadster, uh, ferrari, fx, xk evo in light, blue we've got the vision, gt and, of course, we've got the terzo millennium uh whoops a lot of glare there.

But what do you guys think about the new display all right, guys we're back at the pad? We got mr un anthony unofficial behind the camera. Oh yeah, so we've been having a lot of trouble finding and buying and bidding on replica supercars for you guys. Anthony's got the ferrari in blue, looks amazing, so i was thinking to myself all right. Let me uh, let me find something that could complement the ferrari, so exhibit a.

I have my screen on my phone mirroring the tv here, so we try to buy this thing right here. It's an f50. It was posted all over the place on the internet on facebook marketplace craigslist, and you know what we tried bidding this anthony help me out here. You tried bidding it and you know the the guy just the seller.

First of all won. He did not send any additional photos, he didn't give me a video of the car turning on or driving, so we're just in a really bad spot. So i sent him multiple messages every single time he shut me down on the second try. This is what he wrote: okay, it should have all sides in the pictures and a cruise it runs and drives great or it didn't.

I would fix it. I would fix it as i was a mechanic and body man had my own shop for years. I would sell someone junk, i think he meant i would not sell anyone junk. I don't have to sell it.

I just don't use it as much. I just won first place last week at a car, show, stop asking questions inviting. Oh sorry, sorry! So, as you can see, you know, like you know, anthony did put a bid in and unfortunately, the the auction ended early in the morning on, like a weekday at like 8 30 a.m, and then all of a sudden it was over uh. He sent a second offer to someone else that wasn't you and it was just a total mess so that that just slipped through our fingers, if he couldn't show his videos of the car turning on or driving, i think needed to say not a good, not a Good candidate at all, exhibit b right.

Here we got a lamborghini fake replica, avenator face off a uh, pontiac, gto and the worst part about this is he was asking 50 000. We offer 42 like a bunch of idiots, and you know: listen. It had like an ls2 engine, it had a new transmission, it had very low mileage and you know, unfortunately, the doors on this thing didn't even go up and the tires, and the profile of this thing just looks really bad did accept it, and then we realized It might have been too much so we tried to counter offer with like 40 and i asked for video for photos and he wouldn't give it to me in the ebay messages. He goes every time i send video through email or facebook, messenger or any platform.

It gets blurry so then i ask him a second time a third time and then he finally goes hey, listen like i don't know what to do. I can't give you the video, so so i respond with turn on your phone open. The camera up send what vid. Whatever video you got, no matter how blurry it is, send it to me.

I don't care, i just need to see the car running and driving and unfortunately he couldn't do that. So the deal just completely fell apart. This is all we had. We just had these pictures on ebay.

That's all we had. I mean, let's take a look at some of these photos here so hold on. We go through some of the other ones. This is the crazy part right here.

He actually titled this as a real lamborghini aventador 2019 convertible in the state of wisconsin, so we're in really bad shape. How are we going to suppose that, like? How are we going to ensure something like that? That's titled as a real lamborghini inventor. You guys tell me i'm sure, there's like with classic insurance. We could figure something out with kit, cars and stuff, but it just really complicates the entire process exhibit c.

This was a very, very big contender right over here. This was another lamborghini avenator based off of we guessed it a pontiac gto. This one was on black. It's got the fake engine bay there.

It is and uh. Luckily, the doors surprisingly go up check that out the doors go up so uh. You know we thought this would be a good buy, the interior looked pretty decent and i bid, i believe, twenty five thousand dollars. Unfortunately, you know we did not win the bid, someone bid it up to thirty thousand dollars and the seller or the buyer did not pay up.

So i was the second highest bidder. I was offering 25 all day. He wouldn't take it, and here we go again. They don't send any additional video the car is driving or turning on so once again, this car again was you know it was a very prime candidate to compliment your ferrari anthony.

Unfortunately, we just couldn't. We just couldn't make a deal. I offered 25 again. It got relisted and i don't know what happened to it.

The guy took the the listing down halfway through the auction. I think the max bid went to like 18 5 or something like that. So we need your help. All you guys watching this video help me help anthony help us find a replica supercar to complement the ferrari.

It could be a bentley rolls royce, aventador, f430 458, a bugatti anything you guys can find send it my way send a dm into instagram. You guys any listings, you guys find on facebook marketplace, craigslist, ebay, autotrader. We need your guys's help, so we've been really messing up and failing to find a replica car for the channel. But that being said guys, you guys can have any tips.

Send them your way. Baby.

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12 thoughts on “Idiots go fake supercar shopping”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mester Biggs says:

    that blue one is really nice color! Love the videos! I think its amazing these videos that you shoot!

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SSG J says:


  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Local Yz says:

    I’d buy that lambo looking car in the parking garage you guys found couple weeks back all covered with dust if it’s still there.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh Bedo says:

    Out of curiosity what does alex lambo jesus do for a living? Also $2900 for a 600 ft studio in that shit building is a joke I thought NYC was bad.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars waffle ninja says:

    Living in LA, the effspot crew got tired of supercars, so they started to make their own.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brody Harris says:

    I actually saw a fake aventador almost exactly like that at my high school a few years back. Gordon if you see this please check your Instagram DM’S. I sent it to you from my archives.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars brian odekirk says:

    Hey effspot if you need someone to check out that Wisconsin car I could do it for you. I'm an experienced master automotive technician in Wisconsin and recently quit my job so I have plenty of time for new adventures.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr Bowles says:

    Hi Gordon been praying for your health and safety that spot on your head looks worrying hope you are ok.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Supercars connect says:

    Gordon I met you a few years back with James in BH, I got a guy who is selling a well built Replica Diablo 6.0 for a pretty good price. If you are still looking for a good rep let me know!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Akho21570 says:

    These eBay auctions are a scam that’s why they wont send you the videos, they don’t even have these cars. You are better off trying to buy them off a prince in Africa.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars koos lehlogonolo says:

    Always asking myself, why do people keep investing their time and money into FAKE cars? help me please maybe i miss something here.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VXFerrari says:

    <<< How about my super rare Koenig 512bbi replica? Pulls wheelies and rips 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds and 11.3 in 1/4 mile..
    Cammed and Supercharged.. Car is world famous.. It was the worlds quickest Fakerarri.. Might still be..

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