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Dude lexus elephant: are you kidding me we're here at the pre-meet for cars and jets? I'm not really sure what's going on, but the law is completely full. We're just gon na pull over to the side of the road here illegally parked. But that's okay. We got another orange superleggera, looking mine, fine with the matching calipers, you just don't see these driving around anymore guys.

Look at that. Dang twinning is winning got the viper that vent door and, of course, one of my favorite cars right here with the lexus lfa rolled in a little late. But that's okay. I think the driver's meeting is sorted and we're about to head out.

I think he also has whoa f40 xj220. I mean he's, got a lot of cars that go over 200 miles an hour. We've got an excellent fpgas there. This parking lot is look at this squad here, man now, that's the thumb right there.

You got the lex selfie, we got the diablo gtr and we are in very polite company here today. Just having everyone exit. This premise is going to be a feat in itself: whoa. What's up man how's it going dude whoa? Yes, sir, there you go tdf another dream, car, a lot of nice cars here, oh super lugera.

What's up guys, what's that going to do? Oh yeah? Yes, sir, all right, damn look at all this holy smokes now, which group do we uh? Do we tag along with? I don't know, god bless this location, but my goodness it is really busy. Mr sim, the 3rs man that that tdf, i'm still eyeballing that thing hold on there. We go dude, we're essentially boxed in. So i'm not sure where we're supposed to go, but a lot of cars are going the other way.

I don't know it's kind of confusing. Oh he's got the driving gloves on dang, i don't i'm going bare-handed. Today we are nearing pre-pandemic levels of traffic. On the 4-5 man, this can't go anywhere.

Oh yeah, it looks like there's a whole squad behind us. I guess they took one exit down all right i'll, take it it's some familiar faces here. Finally, goodness everyone's pulled over to the side of the road waiting for the squat - oh that's trouble right. There that's trouble.

Whoa, we got the sheep, oh man, we got all packing. Someone says there is a cop somewhere around these parts of towns. Why am i talking to the southern accent? Who knows? Oh, we got a couple guys playing the game of ketchup. Here we go one more wait, one more there.

You go, no gas, just a little gas. I, like that, looks like we caught up with a few other friends here. I have no idea: oh merci, lago harlow, guyardo svj and the slk still in business, not a bad drive, not bad. A little canyon, carving didn't feel much of most of it, but we got the lp 640.

It's got the porsche f12 behind this there's a guy back there and there's a couple of supercars up there as well. We're pretty close. I think we've arrived here. Let's take a quick look: oh man, oh yeah, look at this line up here, whoa orange and white.

Two super legends. First, gen! Oh wait! We don't do that. What's up man what's up man, i feel like vip right now. That's crazy! Twinning is definitely winning double super legere.

We got a couple pjs hiding the tail numbers with the cars and jets logo very smart. I like that and uh. Let's walk inside and check it out when they say car and jets. They really meant it.

We got the pjs one, two three four outside: what's up dude boom the man himself, hooking it up; man, hey, what's up dude cars and jets, there you go man, we got the photo shoot within mercy and the pj. This is influencer central here, boys and girls. If you want to flex someone else's pj stolen supercar, this is the place to do it right over. Here man, it's pretty cool.

We get right up close and center with some of these uh private jets. Here, goodness, what else can you really say? Fantastic venue, great people, i heard there's three tacos - we're gon na - have to swoop something a little bit: cars and jets cars in sheep man, they're packed they're they're down they're about to do some skydiving they're, going for a jump, they're literally bringing the jets over. Oh my gosh dude. That thing is so loud.

Do you guys even hear me? I don't know hello, hello guys. I know this is a car channel not a plane channel, but we are blessed to be here in a hand or full of really sick aircraft. I mean like seriously like what do people say these days when cars are rolling into a show. I have no idea what to say.

I mean it's a pretty sick. 918 right. That's all i got to say about that. I don't know about the sticker on the hybrid on the the wing there, but i'll take it i'll take it.

Is that going to land hold on murcio, lago rgt right next to guys diablo gtr there? This guy is not messing around these are so sick. I honestly cannot remember how many they made was it 7, 9 or fifteen. Let me know in the comments below but dude. These are insane look at the diffuser and the wing.

Man chassis, mount a wing and the doors are up. Take a look in the interior. Dude alpha lux no effing around here at cars and jets. Unbelievable man see people, don't know a lot of these guys, don't know about this car here, let alone the diablo gtr good god look at the interior too.

I don't know those are uh comfortable or not, but they look sick and oh yeah the switches and knobs six liter v12 diablo gtr i mean. Does it get any better than this? That's double trouble right there, a12, gts and 3rs. Will you guys take the private jet or you take the lex zell thing you got to choose one or the other. You can't have both look at this thing.

Goodness gracious look at this combo here and what has just arrived a little late but lambo jesus is calling you out not the mercy, logo rgt, but this particular lp640. I don't know if this isn't balloon white, but look at how pristine, oh dude, you got to be kidding me. It's actually gated. Are you serious? Oh, my god.

It's it's more of. If you know you know, but dude, that's absolutely insane. Look at the interior too! Whoa, this thing is crazy right. Next, the mercy logo rgt.

This is a six-speed manual. Lp 640.. You've got to be kidding me how you feeling man, you feeling pretty good. Really pretty.

Oh man, this is. Is there a restroom in here? There is no restroom. There are blankets and a pillow and a little fridge right there. Four seater, not bad, oh okay, so this pulls out press here, gotcha wow! Look at that lock it in close.

It got the cups right over here boom i mean. Let me get a little privacy. Excuse me: there we go. That's it's crazy! Over there 430.

a little car spawn through the pj. That's how it's done these days. Oh tdf action wow zooming over there, oh back to back wow, oh man, this guy's flying high in the pj, perfect scooter action man that is pretty clean. Of course we got the sheepy legera or the carrangini, whichever you want to call it white on white baby.

Look at that, are you kidding me right now? Oh yeah. I was gon na go with that jet, but this one pretty beefy guys. I think i messed up the parking on this plane, but we're going to let that slide. I don't want to hit it.

I just didn't want to hit. I'm just being careful. Whoops looks like the event is slowly coming to an end. We might head back to beverly hills, but man, the super g white on white, goodness wow, oh, i could dude.

This parking is terrible. I don't know why i was doing it: hello, how's it going driver's license registration proof of insurance. Yes, sir, trying to see how fast you could go, i saw a little opening, so one second here's the driver's license. You know i stopped you yeah, probably for that low acceleration back there go ahead and just stay in the vehicle, all right, cool thanks.

Oh man, bummer not entirely sure what he's going to write me up for, because there is no cop when we are exiting there. May or may not have been a pool, but there's no way he got my speed. That being said, we're having a pretty good time right now, you know what it is. The problem with this car is the exhaust is so loud people think from miles away.

One low acceleration means you're speeding. So that's what happens, but it's the name of the game, guys we're going to do cool. Thank you appreciate it. I am going to cite you today, i'm not going to fight you for the speed, though i'll cite you for an unsafe start.

Oh okay. Okay, thanks a lot man. However, if you haven't had any points on your record in the last 18 months, you can go to traffic school, okay, cool. I did put you down at approximately 45 in a 25 mile, an hour zone.

I know you were going faster than that. I have to put something: okay, do you have any questions for me, man, uh, no, sir, all right just take it away, yeah appreciate it man, i get it yeah very nice car by the way. Oh, thank you, man, that the larda, so it has the tenzin right uh, it's a v10 yeah and a five liter yeah five liter. Yes, sir anyway, please slow down.

What do you guys got like i've? Seen quite a few yeah there's a car show it's called cars and jets. They got like a couple planes out and stuff. So, oh that i was looking. I didn't see anything out there, so you guys are coming off the runway.

Then out there. Oh yeah, it's like in the hayner yeah, so yeah yeah. All right, please drive safe all right, appreciate man thanks! So much take care nice. Let me put my sandals back on sport mode and we're off dude.

Look at this guy. What is he doing? Good? Sir? That's not how you drive a car.

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15 thoughts on “I took my lambo to la’s most exclusive supercar show….then the cops pulled me over”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Yeah Okay says:

    🤦🏽‍♂️ Why do you keep thanking him like he's giving you a gift 🤣

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hyper Sports says:

    Nice to see the cars with the planes. If I’m not mistaken that was a R44 taking off behind a Gulfstream and a Falcon.

    I think the plane you were in was a Citation cj1. But i could be wrong.
    To your question i would chose the plane vs the Lexus LFA.
    Well depending on which plane it was.

    It’s a bummer you got a ticket 👎🏽

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Omar Abdi says:

    Love how chill the cop was wish the cops had a better reputation tho they dont deserve the hate they get.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dominic Miller says:

    I like that stressful moment when you start your engine while the police officer is going back to his car… 😎

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brandon Dekerlgand says:

    That car show be looking like my GTA car meets in the Hanger though

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wonder Bread says:

    Nope your suppose to throw beer cans out the window creeping past the donut shop with one foot out.

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Future Airmen says:

    Man the two things I love would be so sick to drive one of these meets one day

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NickZino says:

    Clean your alcantara steering wheel man, its all matted down. You’ll enjoy it better when it’s restored!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bungletronics says:

    Camarillo airport? I saw you guys go through my neighborhood at one point lol

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kathy Christopher says:

    I turned $700 into $6000 just in one week with the aid and guidance of Brenda I have been receiving good signal's from global service thank you!..

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars emjay P. says:

    that orange turbo S was SPECTACULAR. Wish you showed a little more haha

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke Skywalker says:

    Nice. I still prefer the classics. The 250LM, the 365 GTB4, the Dino, the 288 GTO. You don't see any of those at these meets. Most people that own cars like that are pretty secretive about it.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars twinkmaster2 says:

    If any of you watching wanna see more of the Rgt muricelago from thumbnail. Then Driftworks here on youtube have been doing a SICK build of one😩 with itbs, manual swap, widened, etc! @driftworks

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Legend Edits says:

    That poor republic trash truck driver was probably shitting himself trying not to hit anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesuschristpose says:

    I took my high dollar bicycle to the most exclusive homeless camp, guess what, the cops pulled me over

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