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Welcome back to the f spot channel hope you guys doing well now for this particular video. I want to do a little something different. I want to go out and spot some of the craziest and most awesome hyper cars and supercars in los angeles, but at the same time i want to document some of the worst of spec and weirder cars that we see before we go on our little adventure. I want to thank our sponsor ag-1 by athletic rings for sponsoring today's video.

Without them. None of this will be possible for the time being, let's roll out wait a second oh diablo, sv ben chan with the shiro and then the diablo sv on the super sport. Now he's got the diablo sv and we've got the new carbon shear on the back comfort delete on the sv they're. Not the valet here are not liking the camera.

So we're going to walk back to the tesla. That's pretty sick, though there it is vip parking. That's the trick you just park and act like you belong here. The world is in the palm of your hands.

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You guys up with your first order with five free travel packs and a year's supply of immune supporting vitamin d. Once again, if you're interested in partaking in this amazing offer click the link in the description box below hook yourselves up and support, the channel feel invigorated and feel powerful and optimize your health now back to the video that is literally a curious mclaren center spec. They should have gone to two cars together. That's crazy! Look at the wheels oh hold on a second, oh, why there's a line to the right? It's for a harry styles, merchandise drop, go figure, that's the most l.a thing! I've ever seen in my life yeah or gt out in the wild spot.

I like it. That's all. I have to say about that check out this old m6 on the south. Dakota great faces great places.

That's right. He knows what's up, this has got to be the nicest aston martin amr i've ever seen today. It's called the carbon the wheels blue. We need a grilling sauce on this thing.

That looks good and i have no idea why this person is parked like that in the valet. This is the valet to the right. Why is she parked like that? Why is that? Guy across the street staring at me, i see you son yeah, the carbon fiber on the sills right there on the side skirts and on the rear, diffuser whoa all right hold on. Oh, oh, hey! That's just shj they're coming out they're! Coming out don't mind my uh paper plate.

It's literally, it literally flew off like a couple days ago, parked in the red. No problem wait worst off spec worst off spec whoa. Oh, we got ta, we got ta go find him. Let's go! Let's ride it's a worst off spec parade, wait: where are they going? Where are they going? Where are they going i'll? Join you guys i'll, join you guys, wait! A second! Oh wait! A second oh yo! This is wild dude.

I respect it though. The matching wait. Look at this guy's plate, bro, wait yo! That does not sound like a corvette. This x6 is right on you.

I know this is so funny. I don't know why i just messed up their formation, hello, i'll, get out this way. I got out of his way. Yeah they got to stay in formation out of respect out of respect, starbucks starbucks run starbucks.

We were just there what is happening here. It did not look. That is a combo of. I don't know what that is.

5.99 with the chrome vect. You know. I think this guy literally lives across the street from me, i'm actually confused by this lc 500. Here he's blocked out the lexus badge with a carbon fiber piece he's got like this weird black accents on it, huh worst off spec.

I don't know on an lc how's, it even possible jeez come on man, we're actually reversing for this play here. On the it just says, i am abbey. My gosh come on. Oh, it's, a full pink one, wow yeah yeah.

I have not seen that driver. Oh, no, oh wow! No! It's a girl itself! Oh no! It was a red bumper. Oh wait, white, red bumper! Oh, so it's not fully wrapped! It's all pink with a red bumper yeah! That was bad! Oh, it looks pink on camera, but it's like a salmon pink quintessential los angeles. You got the.

I don't know what color that is on the dbx chrome gold corvette. You got the that's right, svj with the blue huracan. What even is that it's like a it's? A mistake, a brush and now well listen mistakes i can handle, but this is a. This is a crime, it's like brushed aluminum, metal wrapped and it's got the red wheels and the plate says four on red, w w yt.

What were you thinking? I don't know, but you got to respect a man's decision. Good lord there's a saying when the sun goes down the worst aspect. Cars come out with the maserati hibbly, with a purple faded, wrap, let's u-turn and have a look de-badged maserati ghibli at that it's got a little glitter to it guys. Are you seeing what i'm seeing? Not only are we seeing mr sheep, we got ta hold on a second, oh, my lord um.

Is it like an art car or something or is it like the wheels? The tires yeah that's modern day, art at its finest contemporary modern art, filming on the cell phone boys. Is it turbo s or is just like tycan? What does it say? Oh, it is a turbo s, no kidding this guy's, not this guy's, not playing around worse dot. Specs got the fake graffiti, the yellow, calipers the faded wrap from silver to black to gold. What do you guys think, yay or nay we're on the cell phone boys and girls? I don't know, i mean it's like a brushed, aluminum wrap effect on this thing, goodness hey at least it's a turbo s.

Tycoon, though you got to respect that, you don't really see those a lot templates. Baby they're expired by the way. Currently here at ucoa got the boys over here. This place is absolutely transparent.

We had not anticipated this many people here, but here we are at the rooftop. Let's ride, absolutely crazy, there's no parking upstairs man, goodness gracious! We got the levers on vince's rx7, all the way down there in the alleyway. I parked right there a block away. This whole parking situation is absolutely long.

It's got the fake c73 black series doctor block. I know it's not real, it's not a sun right there, but the kid looks pretty decent he's. Not gon na lie just making the rounds right now. Boys we got the beamer squad over here, commence the dude it.

Oh, my goodness, someone is gon na blow up their engine down there. There they are hey, got the chopper in the air. That's when you know it's about to go down boys pretty crazy. I think the chopper left, but some of the cars are leaving as well, so we might as well go down and check out what's going on right, s2k, big boy, benjamin d12, by turbo.

One though, hold on permeating to this section now so we're going to purchase over here getting some fresh air yeah we got to migrate downstairs, that's just too much blocking the entrance right over there. Oh the reverb off the walls here in dtla our next level. There we go rx7, we got the vent store behind us. We are in very polite company.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is rx-7. Unfortunately, our third party, mr avenator akira, is not here. I scared the cops but we're just neither here there we're here at the second location, not bad. Indeed, we've got the sprite edition.

S2K with us. We had a pretty good night got some tacos we're here to vince we got the super g. We've got the rx7. Now i hate you hey.

What's going on over here, vince did hu a little pre-mixing here, the whole little kit. That's pretty cute! It's like a lunch pail. You know there. You go a little pre-mixed, starter kit, oh yeah.

I love it, but uh yeah that meat was absolutely wild. Hope you guys enjoyed today's video hope. You guys enjoyed today's footage of the show absolute mayhem. This car performed absolutely flawlessly.

It is a stunner and it looks fine. What's that it was pretty crazy. There were a lot more cars than we anticipated, but it looks like uh gas here is nearly seven dollars a gallon, so that's pretty insane.

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