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All right, we are back here in Japan with the boys. We got Mr Ken Seidel Aaron Chun and Mr Canada himself Zachary Wait, do people all call you Zachary or no Zach your parents do sorry Mr Zach Brown all the way from Canada We've been here for about a few days. got the Sky Tree behind me and we got the Sensoji Temple right over here doing some touristy things and this is exactly where we got our Fortune from last time. Aaron Chun Got bad fortune so hopefully things are a little bit better and luck is on our side before we run the Japanese content.

We have a very special clip from Christmas day. it was from Mr Eddie Hallibury. He tipped me off at 2AM and said Gordon there's a crash theorist on Coldwater Canyon you need to check it out I Immediately got a bed, drove over and found the car. Roll the clip right now.

yo do you guys just see that? Um, hold on a second. We got a U-turn We got a U-turn We got a u-turn We got the brights on. Hold on there. it is right there.

What someone just smashed a Uris into. How is there? No one here. Is someone just abandoned the car? Holy smokes, Hold on a second. This is nuts.

Christmas Eve is currently 2 50 a.m It's actually Christmas day. Hold on. Let's get the flashlight out here. Foreign? no way.

Dude. Right here. Yeah, they obliterate this green trash can for recycling. They got the bottles everywhere here.

Got a pole right over here too. There's a bumper down there too. No way. I mean either this has been here for a few hours or this just happened.

Jeez man, someone call that in or something. Jesus No yeah, we were just uh, driving by and then we heard. yeah Euros 300 000? Jeez Yeah! I I Came in early about. uh, the other officer said that supposedly the older talk to the owner.

Yeah yeah and then another office just called right now to be like hell no I'm taking it. Oh okay, yeah, because it can't be nobody's property. That's wild. Yes.

All right little. Christmas Gift for yourself. Yeah, a tow truck here too. Geez, like 20 30 minutes ago.

Oh wow, so it's pretty recent. Yeah Damn. oh my goodness. Damn.

At least they go down the ditch I guess or into someone's house if that would have been there. Oh dang yeah, you're right. Well at least no one got hurt. I think the airbags went off I'm not sure they must have right? Jeez, So airbags yo! There's what kind of boxes in the back there? Oh Lamborghini bad box? No way.

Yeah we got the cops in a tow truck here. This must have had like 20 30 minutes ago. We got a tree down here as well. There's a truck in the back here.

He would have hit this truck. You can't see it. this construction truck just hiding in the corner here. Oh my sweet.

Jesus Supposedly the owner of this property here was talked to by the owner of the Lamborghini Urus and they said they'll come back in the morning to grab the car, but it is neither here or there. Merry Christmas Boys can't make this stuff up all right boys and girls. We're back here at another meet. New Year's meet, check out this NYPD Cruiser and you can't see there's a reflection here.

We got a baby seat in the rear. this guy's all decked out. He's got the official light bar and everything. the antennas I don't know what this is.

He's got all the accessories and he's even got the ten thousand dollar reward for arrest and conviction of anyone shooting a NYC police officer. Wow, that's crazy. And then the baby seat in the back here. it's got the roll cage and everything.

not the roll cage but the the divider. It seems legit dude. two giants in the JDM World side by side and we got the NYPD Cruiser right behind it start to the year wall. We're back here at a new parking lot from PA not stickers bro.

Wow! Tech Mercedes though. Oh yeah, that's sick. that's not a 599 GTO but it looks pretty damn good though. There's a red one behind this Volkswagen too.

Aftermarket Wheels boys are back in town baby. there he is Jonathan's even Target and we have Patrick in the Lp 640 over here. Oh yeah, that's a squad, gentlemen, that is. a squad Got the lights on what you're talking about? Say we will.

but Japan wants your Lamborghinis and Ferraris another F430 it's got a skull on his wing, yo that's wild. Not really sure about the layout of this place. There's one exit this way and there's an exit on the other side where the entrance is and it looks back out that way. A couple cars are rolling out so uh, let's head over here and see if get some accelerations on the straightaway.

Oh look how discolored the uh, the rear bumper is from all the flames. You guys see that pink calipers Tire stickers and a bedazzled Lamborghini on the side doors up with a kit. we're back in Japan that's for damn sure. Wow, look at that.

the smell of pure gasoline. Boys and girls, if you could only smell what I'm smelling. Oh yeah. foreign.

that's so cool. I Can't recall ever seeing a low-tech kid in the States but my goodness they are out here. Look at this. Earth on spider using your whole boat color this gave me this.

This car right here is giving me anti-unofficial Vibes Our friend with the Ferrari of the Earth on spider dude they love a good Lamborghini here good Lamborghini kit the green color, exhaust everything Wow what a hero I'm gonna need Gallardo here So far it's been Diablos no coontas yet Aventadors and Mercy Lagos of every spec but one single guyardo holding it down at the end of the line right here in white. It's got the Lamborghini Osaka sticker too right here. Check that out. Oh yeah, so I was right.

that is aftermarket on the side skirt. here. it's like double or triple side skirts. You guys see that? Wow.

and I think there's is this aftermarket two on the front here? Yes, so there's like double front splitter. Whoa. Look, look, there's literally two of them. It's entirely different meat.

On the upper level parking lot over here, it's like 50 cars all right. Take a look then. boys and girls A12, GTS 430s look at this Mercy level SV and white makes an LP 640 with a weed. that's Nissan Skyline crew over here, the 34 32 couple 35s, the 512 TRS over here on red of course Mr Lambo Jesus gone Japanese with a wing and the interesting, um, partially wrapped rear quarter panel over there.

one rear diffuser matchy, matchy over here as well. yeah, talking about goodness Gracious black one over here, deep dish red trim the main of course, the orange Edition with Michael Schumacher's signature or autograph right there on the passenger door. the more you know, yeah. white mesh on the rear.

challenge to Dolly films Edition Oh yeah there it is. How many did they make? again? you said 25? 25? Got it? Oh gee. Strawman spec for GT here in Japan It's not the CL63 with a ween and a kit. Crazy foreign.

strong taller Choice My friend. oh man. a white 430 looks so clean. Really nice.

Nice stock too beautiful. Listen, an F40 is an F40 not a real LM but what if you take oh he's The Dazzle the headlights. Good choice first Gen Mercy logo sto and gold very good Tale of Two Lamborghinis Aventador s stock minus the Powercraft exhaust and we got this guy over here. Matte and chrome rose gold with the Svj wing Power Craft exhaust.

the wheels accented rose, gold, red calipers First Star: Elegance Club that is pretty wild I kind of like it. Oh he's got a rose. That's what I'm talking about. You got to smell good.

you know, difficult. There's two exit. there's one here. foreign, foreign, foreign, more bad sex I Don't even see this one.

Oh, look at the interior. no way. Oh my goodness. Old school.

Diablo with the Four G's baby gold calipers. Look at this wrap. That's right, the boys are back into we got the century. We got the Honda on the gold GTI owned by Andre and Mr LP 640 in the orange Oh by Mr Patrick himself got a couple more Lambos rolling in and out at the knee earlier.

look at that. oh my goodness. Yep. Sentry is running extremely smoothly.

unfortunately the the scratch still there for Mr Cash dot spots are different tabs. polish the car just a little bit and was able to remove some of the debris. So uh, it looks pretty damn good. But the Diablo rolling out Team Danger Baby! Oh my goodness.

All lined up the Raging Bull on the side array of Lamborghinis how many emergency logos are here? like one? Two: we've seen this red one we have not seen this one. white one we have not seen it is Chrome one we have seen. Sorry, it's a little windy here. We're going to try and mitigate that wind noise for you.

but this rainbow one we've seen this Crow one we have not seen. My goodness gracious this one. I think we have seen a few years ago. yes be all trawned up over here with a gold.

It's like a golf ball golf ball along the side of the the window over there. and it's about the emblazoned Lamborgh Ini Oh my goodness, this is the color green forged Carbon on the rear deck lid and from the intakes. Now we're talking even though it's a major car. we got the bedazzle headlights.

That's right. Oh yeah, good to be back. We have seen this guy before at Daikoku and that Tatsumi a month ago I Haven't seen this guy in a while. Hold on a second look at this on the 4Gs so on the rear condition on this Diablo will just got these stickers for the Torso and he's covered up the seats.

Look how clean the interior is. Not a single crack in the leather. are you kidding me right now? Whoa. What else can be said? Quintessential Japanese Lamborghini Culture Look at this.

Clarin has lights. Flashy lights in the rear in the front. Sick caller Oh my goodness, that's what I'm talking about Baby Foreign foreign doors off saying I Worry about how long it takes to solve my past misdeeds. he's not a boy now and then it says uh, getting a beautiful lady at your home and I I try to let everyone know about that.

Oh so that's an interesting yeah, it could be yeah. dark date of the mouse and Ox if you want good foot if you want to watch soon and date date a month a date of the mess. Don't do that. Yeah,.

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15 thoughts on “I found an abandoned crashed lamborghini in los angeles”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bruv says:

    Japanese car meets are less crowded that California meets

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Toxic Mold Media Stories says:

    I wasn't into lambos as much as other supercars…but damn these really look so good it'd be hard not to want to have one of those.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AGSPOTS says:

    I swear some local Japanese meets are what you get from GoodWood and Pebble Beach if you pay like £700 a ticket but for free haha, its insane!!!!

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars O says:

    Thats how someone steals ur car lmao. Easy 100k come up

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars -1239 hfsd says:

    free lambo for anyone who can repair it

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Just a Kid Trying to Make it says:


  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerome Hill says:

    who would ever leave a expensive car abandoned all night

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheHades909 says:

    Wasn’t there an orange Urus stealing cadillactic converters in LA recently?

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Shemo says:

    Tell him to tune the mk6 gti @getwatkins 👈🏼👈🏼

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Far_Queue says:

    Must be nice…

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars growingup15 says:

    That NYPD car over there is the coolest thing to see in Japan. I love how they import American cars like that over there.

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  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zumzar says:

    Fun fact, a guy here in Denmark owns 7 of the 25 cornes editions

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Milky M4 says:

    Why are all the exotics left hand drive? i thought japan was a right hand drive country.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars xAlexanderx says:

    Personally I would not run these types of cars without the best type of tires available, and familiarity with the handling characteristics of a high performance vehicle.

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