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Good yeah - ah i kind of like it, but i don't like the red shrimp, looks awful on the wheels he was so close. Yes, so far, influencers in the wild bro. What is this? I don't know, wait what jesus christ, 82, liter, diet, cokes, mentos and tape. Let me know, let me know we're going to.

Let them know blue faces. Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Take that more more more! You want to go at the top. You want to hit the cap brush. He did it.

Oh you're, dumb! Well, guys enough! You guys been complaining about the loud exhaust on the lamborghini, so we have the oem lamborghini superleggera exhaust in the trunk of my prius here, if you're a and if you're a, let me know in the comments below and we might have to reinstall the oem exhaust. But we do have a couple of goodies in the back here that my friend marcus left. This is the uh, i think the dashboard to the mercedes 500e or the e500. I don't even know what it's doing here.

I'd probably just sell it or get rid of her something bunch of junk here, but man a lot of complaints about the exhaust. If it's too loud for you guys, maybe you should find another channel, but for the time being we are headed to beverly hills. To do a little supercar spotting, all right, boys and girls now before we skid out over to beverly hills, maybe a little malibu before that for a little pre-gaming. This video is sponsored by none other than expressvpn a service.

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It hides your ipa address which sites used to identify you. This makes your activity more difficult to trace and sell to potential advertisers, expressvpn encrypts 100 of your personal internet data and keeps you safe from prying eyes and hackers, boys and girls. This is an absolute no-brainer hook, yourselves up support the channel It's going to pop up right over here, there's also a link in the description below click on that use.

My promo code. You can get three additional months for free with my promo code. Three extra months, guys hook yourselves up guys on that note: let's go as you can see. My sister's cats have taken over my entire living room and my bean bag a lot of fur and i'm still missing the rear.

Bumper of my amg kit come on guys step it up. A lot of you guys actually enjoy the abandoned supercars of los angeles, so we're going to do another segment of hidden supercars in public garages and strewn about all over beverly hills in los angeles. Let's go take it away, mr sheep. I'm currently here at the malibu country mark making a comeback.

It's a little windy got the squad, of course, offering in the flesh, finally being driven on the streets of malibu, making a comeback. Look at this top down. Man looks good. We got a mcdonald's spec viper that one's for belle ford, it's a little windy here, boys, it's not a rear, bumper delete.

It's a! I think it's got rid of like the diffuser yeah, maybe ripped off or something but the uh yeah. These cars really aged. Well, i like these nice color on the aventador roadster kobe forever on the vet, that is a green mac, show stack, dang, vip, gti. There's the real max show stack.

Oh my goodness, gracious! Oh, you got the jaguar. What is that shirt draws? A lot of attention: man, that's sick check that out we got the maybach van autobiography range rover sb. I wonder how much that cost, not one, not two, but three nice. Oh! No! I hate to see it.

Man, nice, shade of blue on the bentayga looking mighty. Fine, our journey, our venture, looking for more abandoned supercars around los angeles, beverly hills and part socal continued boys and girls. So i don't know all right. Next garage boys never been in this one we're not going to disclose any locations here, but i don't think there's anything here either.

I can't see long-term storage parking in this particular facility. Covid, 19 testing vans, that's uh! What that's all we got guys! That is a very nice color on the g wagon check that out it's a rosso dino f12 that looks crazy. What is this doing here at this random gas station of cold water and ventura? Oh, that's all you guys get! Oh look at this! Wait. We got cars everywhere, whoa hold on rosso, dino f12 and then bam wow absolute classic personally never been to this particular garage, but look what we got over here: boys and girl, oh yeah, just for the record guys.

I we never check any of these parking garages. Uh, maybe we might we might have to now. I don't know where that is porsche. Yeah, 996 porsche.

There. You go, wait. Whoa, wait! There's cars there, oh okay, there's some low carbs. Are you kidding me right now? No way i s come on.

What do we got over there? There's there's some stuff over there. Man there's four cars in this. One gt no way come on gt, oh, what it's not focusing sorry guys went on boom and then boom. What no way this one's so dark! Ferrari.

330. You said, i think so yeah i'm really bad with classic cars guys. So if you guys could recognize any of these cars, let me know in the comments below, but man just what in the world it's so dark. What? What do we got over here? Oh black series - c63 right here, really yeah sls right here yep, i don't know what's behind it, but this is the black series.

Oh dang, c63 black series, yeah, not bad at all. I am shocked right now. I'm actually shocked. That's a weird one! Let me just try drive past it.

Yeah motor trend cover. Look at that front. End nsx corvette uh, i i don't looks like an one of those alpene cars. I don't know dude guys.

I've been spotting in beverly hills for quite some time, and i never been down here ever. Nor do i realize how many levels there are in this. Oh, what the hell is, what is all yummy check out this m6 huh huh and it's got the tiny wing hold on wait for it there you go what is beverly hills without a little bit of police action? Let's see what do we have over here? Oh man, i think it's for the scooters. Oh no you're not supposed to ride electric scooters in the city of beverly hills, guys i don't know.

What's going on, i've, never seen a temporary light fixture. I think someone might have knocked down or something. Oh yeah. 100.

Someone knocked it down. Look. Are you kidding me check out this ferrari 550 in blue with the tan interior? Absolutely immaculate. Look at that.

That's perfect, of course, got a standard huracan. I don't even know what plate. That is what is that plate morellas? Is i've never seen a player like that? My entire life? It's sick, though look at this color wow. Let's get you guys shot right here boom in the sunshine.

That's dope take a look at this. Let's take a look at the rear here, damn if you're at another garage guys, i mean we're just finding cars on cars on cars everywhere super clean pens. We got a moat check this out. This guy's got l4 on the r8 spider and l6 on the beamer.

A lot of interesting stuff running around in this garage as well corvette underneath the covers we're gon na keep on going here. Wait till you guys see the other side check this out illinois plate land cruiser that is pretty sick. What is this doing here? Right hand. Drive or left hand drive, oh dude, it's right hand, drive nice, there's so many cars here dude.

I don't even know what to say right now crazy. What do you guys think these are man honestly? I'm really shocked that we've never explored a lot of these garages, but here they are. This is a public parking garage, so that looks like a 918 to me, wow, honestly, a little speechless right now crazy and you just got this random right-hand drive land cruiser in the corner here. What is going on jeez? That's my prius baby, a lot of secrets.

Man a lot a lot of secrets. I feel like we're back in japan back in dubai, abu dhabi, the uae, the middle east, rs6 wow. Now that's a sick daily, a little expensive though oh geez got ta. Look before you open your door, lady all right! Another garage and someone's left their dog is there dog in here.

Oh okay, that's that's one way of doing it. At least the uh. The windows are open. Geez.

There are a number of garages here in los angeles, beverly hills, i'm not going to disclose any of the locations, but here we go one level at a time baby! Oh yeah. I see this hmm interesting yeah. The v12 baby represent look at this plate, guys whatevs on the tesla model, s. Oh.

What is that on the door of the roly-poly.

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15 thoughts on “I found a secret stash of supercars in beverly hills”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pete 67 says:

    Only put the old one back on if the fines are too much m8, untill then keep it rocking, I love that sound of your lambo.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zander Erasmus says:

    Dont change the exaust dude there just haters and a bunch of karens
    Loud exaust lives matters keep up the loudness man stay with it

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    Come on Karen can't have kids because your dead inside so all the bitching is done by you.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joolz1982 says:

    Is there really nowhere else they would park the car other than random parking garage.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars shnikelthepickle gaming says:

    Do not take exhaust off lambo. Fuck no. Pussies man all my cars would sound like this if I had the option and time

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven Rivard says:

    The exhaust is awesome, you shouldn’t have too change anything you wouldn’t want too based on some fools

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars S Vhshshs says:

    This channel is hysterical some funny shit keep it up 👍👍👍👍 McDonald's spec Dodge Viper LOL LOL LOL LOL

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HACKit says:

    I just moved to California and where in LA or close to the area are the cars in coffee you go to all the time and trying to go to some car meets for exotix there's no pages to follow to see when the meats are does anyone know when the next one is or where to go to get the info on the cars and coffee around the Malibu area all through California????????

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mystic Gaming says:

    effspot amazong Banger of a video thank you bro my birthday is tomorrow and dude you just made my day thsnk you so much love ya buddy😎

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Speedster404 says:

    The exhaust on the Gallardo broke my ears, just had a blast on the freeway with effspot. Love the exhaust! Wake em up!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke Skywalker says:

    It's people like this that really make me appreciate how good Jay Leno and his videos are.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars norm paul says:

    loud would be fine if it was like a tune exhaust and sound good but that just like when them dumb ass kids put coffee can exhaust on there honda it loud for no reason

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GH SLAZFY says:

    Why people hatting on the new exhaust it's just a bit loud. But🍑 it's insane🔥🔥.

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    I wanna hear that exhaust in person that shit go hard, dont let the sensitive sissys bring u down eff. ✌✌✌

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    Man, I can’t believe they didn’t have cameras everywhere, and immediately asked you what you were doing. Good vids. 🤣

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