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listen if you break this one too gordon i said easy so it seems like the aventador that i was driving has overheated uh maybe one too many flames mr sheep is looking mighty fine like a dime look at that sunset golden hour is upon us we're currently here on the samsung galaxy cell phone mobile phone we're on route to uh the man of strad in utah we got the boys here we got a show stack and we got mr bell 40. we have devised a pretty interesting setup here i don't have the full autopilot but i do have what is it called just the cruise control like the uh semi adapted cruise control the trick is you get half a water bottle a mr sheep to prop up the water bowl make sure you put it on the upper right hand corner it doesn't work down here it doesn't work up here it has to be the upper right hand corner you set your cruise control to like what you know 77 miles an hour and you're chilling because usually with the adapter cruise control it wants your hand on the wheel as such and it will remind you with a very annoying chime but this set up here this is where it's at boys if you don't want to pay 10 000 for autopilot just get a mr sheep and a 25 cent water bottle and you're sorted suck on that elon we are currently here wait wait where are we max where are we cedar or something oh yeah see the city check this out 250 kilowatt an hour superchargers there's like 15 of them and we're the only ones here that's right we're no longer in los angeles where everyone has a goddamn tesla look at belle fortier he is a free man over there max tell me what's going on with that budget with the it's a little dilapidated holy crap they've literally duct taped the front end every other supercharger we've been to near vegas or los angeles has been an absolute disaster which has hindered our entire journey to the state of utah by an additional hour or two so that's not ideal we are currently at another empty supercharger now before we continue with today's video i would like to thank our sponsor 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two-year plan with the exclusive deal and you're gonna get one month for free that is an amazing deal and if you don't like it you're gonna get a 30-day money-back guarantee that being said the charging has finally completed after around 30 minutes we're going to utah strat man james we're coming for you son got the 6x6 this is my ride for today we'll be swapping around with some of the other cars but tesla made it one piece i'll give you guys a breakdown of how much charging or supercharging i used but man the dichotomy the differences between the two cars here is out of this world first time driving a 6x6 holy smokes up we go from a tesla all-electric vehicle to the biggest gas guzzling 6.8 miles per gallon on average one hell of a setup here two aventadors the c8 the trx the 6x6 and of course tesla model 3. 6.8 miles to the gallon baby let's do it i'm not going to lie this car is actually relatively easy to drive not bad what the oh yeah it's a little power no big deal oh baby one monster together let's go come on let's go let's go this is crazy flat out let's go let's go let's go one mile to the gallon baby that supercharger wine is intoxicating yes applying the combo he's got the 6x6 that just powers over everyone trx two avenadors and the ca corvette nearly every single one of james's cars is out with all his homies we're in the venny baby coupe hold on here we a go and a half ladies and gentlemen my goodness gracious i got the 40 in the mercy you have a show stacking the c8 whosoever's out today i got the views the mountain ranges here are insane oh if this doesn't screen trap squad of me i don't know what does make sure to check out james video on how much it costs to fill up every single well i think it's like what nine cars here one two three nine cars here yeah ladies and gentlemen this is a first on the s ball channel we have show stackabitch working hard hustling and getting the shot on top of the trx on the roof my man the clouds are looking absolutely insane the 40 how was the mercy i mean let's let's hear it like a warm hug like a warm hug i like that like a warm hug all right so it seems like the aventador that i was driving has overheated uh maybe one too many flames my bad but that's hard oh with the door up that's the way to do it my man oh my style points for belle 40 style points we had to push the aventador over there we're hopping in the mercy oh oh oh yeah let's let's get it and don't forget boys and girls the seat belts are always on the left-hand side ain't that right now son engine to ride with mr bell 40 in the manual mercy 40th anniversary edition 150 number 19. i don't believe it man i feel bad overheating that car a car that's this old yeah right on the precipice of analog and digital but a ton of a ton of analog spirit sure it's a blast dude it's like a warm hug it really is i love it yeah buddy hold on a second do my eyes deceive me now boy where i see underglow on the nissan gtr oh wait james is in the trunk or uh yeah if you were a kid in utah and you saw a strandman trap squad rolling around like this your entire world will be shook i spotted my little guy now we are missing one car um and that's exactly what we're going to do right now we're going to retrieve that car and hopefully it turns back on whoops check out the brand new s nsx that is one stunning color two colors amazing day two in the state of utah with amanda stratt here with his evan it is alive and well currently playing peaceful chairs with all the cars again taking out the vehicle and possibly the paint gun for some photos with show stagobitch it did overheat yesterday but the car is alive and well and looking mighty fine like it's done look we have here mr burlacker himself look at this guy oh oh my goodness are we live oh we're live right now i don't know after the neighbors good seeing you man good seeing you i heard you broke the vent team i mean i was there i saw hey we don't know we want to talk about that it's still fresh in the mind has lent me the keys to another aventador let's make sure we don't overheat this one if i'll break this one too second that'll be two for two my promise we're gonna make it one piece absolutely this is my favorite car i know it is there's only one person i trust if it's you i appreciate it thank you okay let's ride we're gonna go to corsa right here parking brake we're gonna watch the temperatures this time even though i did watch it last night and it's still overheated so we're gonna we're gonna drive really really chill here nice yup did you break another if i recall james has discussed or mentioned in his videos that the glare off the white dash is pretty alarming i don't know if the camera's picking it up but yeah there's some insane glare but the interior looks amazing though this is great nice and see easy it easy gordon come on man take it easy oh my goodness oh a tear just came out of my eye oh my gosh trap combo of the aegis hey look at this place that's burlacker i love it burlacker put it on a show huh that's louder than this aventador is that for real yo these guys are these guys are maniacs dude is this guy for real on that we got to talk to that guy later come on it's louder than his abandoner i want one now with whatever exhaust system that guy's got mr burlacker mr nick you naughty boy you have got to be kidding me the viewer might know that temperature is looking pretty damn nice right now so we're going to keep it that way oh my gosh that's crazy i love this i love it when it spools up like that sound is so sick that's awesome look at this sunset here oh oh my goodness oh there goes my i've got phone air brake just kicking up like this that is the sickest thing ever i've literally lost my phone hold on i don't know where it went it's gone dude how many horsepower are we running right now uh 850.

850. yes it's on the full potential not the full potential in utah okay fair enough that's a bummer that is absolutely wild my man i love it hey it's an isf maxi he's having isf then he sold after three months oh my gosh that's like the f-type on steroids right there that's insane oh oh you're not throttling anything hands off foots off the accelerator let it happen man oh you got to be kidding me right now we got a hill we're good oh my gosh this is the part that stresses not only me but everyone else except for james out check out how close he gets to the wall right there he parks his feet you look stressed too i'm stressed does it convey on camera because no no yeah i can see it from here it's unbelievable the courage yeah that strength max do you think this ramen is a trapper oh no i don't know me trappers with the 40th to be fair a trapper would not know what a 40th mercy logo one out of 50 is so you do have a good point.

By effspot

10 thoughts on “I broke stradman’s lamborghini”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nick Cts V says:

    Found your channel when you exposed the riots in Cali. Now you’re ripping in the Bugatti having a great time. You’re the man. Awesome work.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Morgan says:

    Click bait come on guys

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grant Mail says:

    Strads neighbors must love him lol

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars southern colt says:

    Why does he have so few subscribers

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars The Night Remains says:

    Someone get this man a star dropper exhaust for the liberty walk Aventador.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars j Chase says:

    Trap. Take Risk Achieve Profit.
    Do wat u do and everyone a trapper of they own way

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ben Lee says:

    The sound of the Mustang is insanely loud and clear…James's cars are worth millions….better to drive carefully or else a burn in your pockets…

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Martin Ramirez says:

    People have been wedging oranges in tesla steering wheels since they came out

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars million billion says:

    fart mobile

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tyrone Wilson says:

    First Luke now Effspot, Stradman needs to stop letting his friends drive his cars😂

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