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We are back with another video on the channel boys and girls. Now, ladies and gentlemen, i do apologize for the lack of uploads. That is completely my bad, but today's video is an absolute bainer, we're taking my toyota prius, the og leapmobile that i've had for over. Like 10 years, an entire decade we're going to socal los angeles, beverly hills and we're going to find some of the weirdest looking cars, the worst off-spec cars of socal.

The challenge is, how many of them can we spot in one day, so earlier this year i placed an order for a brand new vehicle and it should be arriving in around two to three days time. Hopefully, the transportation arrives on time. You know how that goes, and the car arrives in one piece: it's actually my first car purchase in over like a year and a half, so that being said, stay tuned for that video. It's coming to you in a couple of days, but for the time being we got ta head out and find some of socal's weirdest and most worst of spec cars out there.

So this prius has 232 000 miles on it. It's definitely showing its age. The dashboard. Sometimes does not want to turn on the wheels are messed up.

The front bumper is messed up now. One of my headlights is not working. What do you got to do on the first drive? Let's go see there we go now. It's fixed uh, a little bit of scrapage scrapage, the rear bumper.

It's actually not too bad, but this thing is definitely a workhorse and showing its age back in it. Let's go. We got the squad, of course, in yellow right over there peeking over right. Next to the fedex truck hold on a second there, we go hey it's a gnome guy.

What a gangster i like that is that a first gen mercier murcielago in red, wait that guy the car's blocking oh hold on a second right. No, no there! It is. We might have to park for that, we might have to. We have to go right over there.

This is first-generation logo interior stop or not. That looks i don't know. I can't tell i'm not an expert on these cars. We thought it was a manual but look at the color, absolutely gorgeous roaster top down in front of the beverly wilshire.

Look at that on one more angle from the front three quarters: that's pretty sick! Look at that wow! What a car currently here at our favorite hotel at the peninsula, we got the the rari, it's a 355 spider. I don't know what kind of porsche it is and they could excite ccx. The two shirons they're owned by the qatari guy are not here. His 918 is but a ccx with a top down in black who owns this car.

I don't know it's not even like an off-white like lavender right there yeah a light off lavender yeah 918, the manceri rolly cullinan, the montana plate that matched the paint and the wheels. I love it. It's gone. It's gone, it's gone, oh! No.

I spy with my little eye a show stat car all the way down there. Oh, we don't know anything about this car, but it looks pretty sick. There's someone in it! Yes, new york played a vanquish. Oh my goodness.

Oh it's so nice. What are we looking at over there this little here, it's a what international cxt cxt is that just the largest production stuck in the middle of the street? No no help! Oh my gosh. Oh this one almost got clipped! Oh, my goodness, and here it is oh that is hey. There's a guy in the back, hey, there's a guy in the back blue pawsy dino.

It's all right! That's insane! This woman just walked right past it. No love! Look at the interior that is spotless wow. This has got to be the cleanest and most beautiful dino i've ever seen at least on the streets. This is unbelievable, but, what's more unbelievable is that tesla over there? That is a worst off spec yup worst off spec you're up perfect spec.

What does it say on the uh 53 or 63 d? Badged? Oh yeah, look the 4x4 in orange, the h1 hummer got a defender. We got oh sl, 600 with the interlagos blue m5. Now now we got to talk about the sticker here. What's going on with the sticker, why is it so big? Is that stock? No okay? I just want to make sure, because i've never seen a sticker, that big yeah.

That sticker is strange. You got the front sticker. Is that from the factory? I don't know. Oh okay, i just know that porsche likes to add a lot of options to every single one of their models, but that's a pretty big sticker.

You see it's a little green brownish! Oh my goodness, and it's missing a bumper yeah yeah yeah. Okay, wait! It gets better is so bad and it gets just a little bit better. The lamp truck is looking pretty nice, but the tire riding not a fan we might have to swim by and check out that ghibli one more time. We came back a second time.

A second round and boom - oh yeah there it is with the red wheels it gets much worse. Christmas, spec tesla is that a model s or a three s: christmas spect tesla s, oh my gosh, all within like the span of five minutes. This is ridiculous. You're not ready to uh witness this car, that's coming up in about 50 or so feet.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you kidding me? What do we got here? Is an audi s5 pink wheels um we might have to park up and take a look a heart-shaped wheels as well. This is it. This is the final level of worst dot. Spec.

Gentlemen: we've done it crazy. Let me check the back real, quick and you see all the swirl marks too. That's crazy! It's not really picking it up, but yeah there. You guys have it thoughts on the audi s5 yeah cabriolet heart-shaped wheels tinging out chromed out harded out wow excellent.

This is probably my most excellent work in a very long time here, in los angeles, i'm quite proud of this spot. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. You're very welcome three, four, three one two and three which one's the worst one i'm going with the audi s5 cabriolet. That's right! Wow! Wait.

They all have red wheels, yep, no way red. We, okay! Let's go this guy hired his own paparazzi to have him being documented, going into the land truck no way, i'm the mastros. Let's go! Oh, no, the giblin! Oh, these guys are gon na. Do something dude.

I know it is that faster or is this maserati faster? What do you say, i don't know, go crazy, dude he's probably drunk. Oh, oh, oh gta, right here. Is there anyone in the driver's seat yeah yeah? Oh, there is potential worst stop, spec special for you, ladies and gentlemen, chrome huracan classic hold on. Let's pull on the hazards boom.

What do you guys think it never ends there? It is the tesla chromed out ontario plate. Take it back. Oh my gosh hold on guys. We got a car carrier on sunset boulevard.

The time is currently one. Second. 10 p.m. Saturday night, what are they gon na unload on sunset and where's that ugly tesla hold on? Oh there it is yikes.

We got some unusual cars in there. It's like a model t theme because, like you started going down one side or something left: yeah, okay, yeah. There you go yeah yeah, oh there we go. I was like wait, a second.

What happened? It was not the x3m or the old ford. It is a maybach. I was correct, fake maybach with a busted window. That's that's just a standard s-class right, yeah hold on.

I mean i think i got the zoom hold on boom. There. You go it's a 328 yeah yeah one tailpipe m3 badge. No, that's a six, it might say six, that's a six! That's a where what an eight? No that's, a six! That's an m6 badge! It does look like that's a 328 one tailpipe.

What is this beamer doing? I don't know it looks like an m6 badge. Oh, oh, we caught you red handed now washington play six yeah. I think i i got it on camera m6 badge on a what now on a 328. Oh, my goodness, gracious, that's terrible worst off spec! Oh no! Wait! Wait.

Wait, wait! Wait for it! Just wait! Wait! Oh my goodness! It is! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! I did not expect that. I thought it was a ghibli, but it's a tesla, they don't even know which one it is dude. Are you guys seeing this this? I guess it was a little windy earlier and a tree just fell on top of this car hold on. We got it, we got ta exit the vehicle and take a proper look.

This is insane what the hell happened here got a flashlight here hold on. Oh, my goodness, i guess the real question is then: if the tree right up there is on this property, is this the city line, or is this the properties line here and who's at fault? Does the city have to pay for this because they didn't trim this tree or is it the homeowner's fault for not trimming the tree? I don't know that is a conundrum. It looks like this guy's entire. Oh damn the front windshield was gone.

Dunzo's front. Windshield is gone. This entire branch fell off. What the heck dang that sucks got.

Ta watch out where you park the car man can we thread the needle through the shrubbery. I think yes, oh yeah. This is the benefits of having a beater car. Just do whatever you want,.


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16 thoughts on “Hunting for the ugliest cars in los angeles”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tucker Zincke says:

    Doesn’t even bother with the rolls he’s just like hey guys check out this limo truck but like me too 😂

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Worst Spec says:

    Ahh yes. Some amazing cars! Thank you 😂

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alex Lunn says:

    4.51 Tesla wrap is an infographic showing average temperatures over thousands of years and the red is the last 50 signifying global warming……yep…..this is the most……I have no words.

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    Effspot got us with the wildest car content

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    O god that audi on thumbnail is horrible

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Master Bait says:

    It really makes me think this stupid people with that much money do exist, and their awful taste for being that well off is something

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Evin says:

    The swirl marks on that chrome Audi are killin me

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kzvlotz says:

    Still waiting for you to camber the Prius and put some BBS on it.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jaimy Kok says:

    Who keeps fucking up these ghiblis man, like a random forza horizon lobby

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kai S says:

    New car = new Prius? Need that sleeper car to go to car meets, ya know 🙂

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars fred oyayoyi says:

    You know what… If that s5 cabriolet had black wheels glossed, would it have been better? Those red ones are godawful

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Observant Monkey says:

    that prius is a fucking goat.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marc Montejano says:

    Great video glad to see you back🍾👍

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