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Well well, well, we're back here at the pad and the model car situation is looking very, very dire, but stay tuned. We got a lot of big announcements, starting with this massive box that i teased about a few days ago. Now this is a black knights, f-14a tomcat 118 scale by jsi. I believe they never make 118 scale airplanes because, obviously look how big this thing is.

It is absolutely massive: the packaging is immaculate check out the sidewinder missiles, the fuel tanks, the stabilizers, the fins, the tails, just everything and anything under the sun super super dope, and we got the packaging right over here check out this missile right here too super dope, But we'll be assembling this at a later time. For now we got to take the lambo to service and we got a lot of major announcements on the channel stay tuned. This is an absolute nightmare for anyone that owns an e-gear lamborghini bumper-to-bumper traffic, we're actually moving at a pretty decent pace and we got this massive lifted. Silverado.

Oh yeah, we're headed to regional performance for the annual service of the super g and i'm a little low on fuel all right boys. We made it in one piece: the traffic was absolutely insane, not great for the e-gear on the super g man she's. Looking absolutely fine as a dime look at that in white, i'm telling you accentuates the body and the rear, we're keeping the stock boys we're just doing the annual service on the gallardo. Here, man looking beautiful glistening in the sun, we got some pretty sick cars here.

Our raging bull, we, i see some lp 640s in the back. I see a roadster right here. Man, we got ta pick one up for the channel relatively soon before prices go even higher, geez black on black and another one. All the way down there as well hold on a second check out this maserati with the wing whoa.

You never see these with aftermarket wings. That's crazy got the f-12. You got the aventador with the blue matching wheels and then another one in yellow good set of cars. Always a good time here at raging boards.

They're gon na take care of you guys make sure you guys swim by the shop, give it any needs for your lambos super cars, but always a good time here raging bull, let's head out boys, we need to talk about today's sponsor right over here, they're, Going to hook you guys up, they hook me up with the performance package. 4.0. It's all you need for hygiene trimming, grooming design specifically for men, let's open it up right over here by the bing bada boom check this out. It's got all the goodies right over here.

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Listen up guys! If you want to support the channel and show just a little bit of love, go to enter the promo code f spot at checkout you're. Going to get 20 off free international shipping and, of course, these two free promotional items there's a link down below click on it hook, yourselves up for the time being back to the video max joe stack over here recently sold his golf gti many months ago. What have you picked up for the audience? Ladies and gentlemen, it's an isf. What year is it 2008 2008? Just like my prius beauty, oh yeah is looking.

It is a criminal bell: 40 spec black on black on black got the black interior, looking beautiful black exterior black wheels and the black calipers there's a few little uh scuffs here and there on the wheels. But that was all part of the deal. We got it for a really good price. I'm hearing a lot of ruckus over there.

I think, there's a protest on rodeo drive. Let's hop in here, the back seats are looking chick-fil-a. Oh no, i've always loved the iss. I remember seeing their commercials in the movie theaters.

Have you ever seen that max dude triple slingshot rental game? That's a good time. There is a lot going on this. Guy just ran a red there's three slingshots everyone's honking everyone's upset and now there's a protest. I'm guessing it's for peta, anti-fur fur trade.

There. It is martini livery on the. Can you guys see that hold on? Oh, no, the flower bed hold on through the sunroom. The side room.

Oh that's awful! Oh that's! Awful! Oh no model x is actually not a bad spot. That uras is a pretty nice bag, so we're just on our uh the memos here on the isf. Let's see what we got going on today: oh a ford, festiva of all things to drive in los angeles. This guy's still rocking the ford festival, look how skinny those tires.
Those are some tiny ass tires and i hope you have a great night, sir check this thing out hold on a second that is super mint. M5. Now my memory is really rusty. I do not know the name of this color.

Is it enter logos? Blue, no manual, no manual? Okay, that's all right! You know these v10s man. These are rare sight. These days, rare sight, dude, look at this: the bends and the beamer whoa. That's a sick combo.

That is a really i'm liking. It check out this s600 with the walled wheels baby 99.. He just picked it up. Two v12 brothers on rodeo drive, that's sick, dude love the car man.

Look at that whoa. We are seeing all sorts of cool tonight. I know this is the leap and beverly hills has been dead lately, but look at this 1999. W140 s600 with the walled wheels.

This is insane. How many miles do you have on this thing? I got 105.. 105 000 miles still brand spanking new yeah. That's awesome.

He just picked it up. We were just cruising around. I haven't driven my car in three weeks and of all nights. We run across a fellow brother yeah.

Once i saw you i had to cut across from the second lane hell yeah, you got the sun shade up there, you go, got ta block the haters impromptu mercedes benz me. We had no idea what this guy did. We got lita for no reason. Expired.

Tags broken heli. I have no clue a cowboy hat love the hat, sir love, the hat, sir. What i don't love is this thing: welcome to worst. his s-class with the orange calipers has got to go not sure about this color on the corvette either.

I don't know, and a gt53, that's no good three for three check out the dog in the jeep doggo. I don't think i've ever seen that before that's awesome, worst off spec, worst thoughts back even diffusers paint to match. Oh, no, that's a different one! Yeah guys! We have a different highlighter, yellow range rover. This one's got a non-paint, non-painted rear diffuser, it's black.

What all right someone's doing the burnout we're currently at the midnight sudoku no sokuto me there's a drive to dtoa. We got the address right over at a here of a hat. Everyone just goes ham. All it takes is one person the rest.

Is history hold on check out the mopar sticker? Wait! Wait, yes, oh shoot those flames. What did that guy do to his m4? There? We go we're here at dtla, lower grand a pretty sizable turnout. Look at this drone, oh yeah! I hear sirens new address been posted up. I guess that's a wrap for us boys, that's so annoying if i get it we're trying to rush people out of here.

Oh, my god, dude all four, four of them we're in business boys, she's running pretty pretty nice a little rattling here. Let's go hang out with the osaka crew tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, we're here at the osaka outlaw meet jdn knights, this s2k we got mike's m3. It's back from the shop after three months.
Are you kidding me, mr uncle, mike with the bozo van oh right, hand driving? What's up my man happy birthday, brother, ohio, dude? Yes, look at this the whole squad's here, dang, that's sick! Oh man hold on a second yo check it out dude the new wheels new wheels. I lowered it. Damn it looks beautiful. It looks so sick.

I love it. Is that your car behind you or that's my buddy, it's a night sport rx-7 whoa right hand drive. It's pretty nice right hand drive. We got the pipes on boys.

Look at this. Yes, sir jdm nights yeah first time together. Oh man now we're rolling. This is a squad and a half.

Oh, i got ta turn the car off hold on boom. Put it in gear real, quick, oh geez, jdm como rifle look at that. We got a tdr here of all things. We got uncle mike rolling out in the bozo down with the rx7 and one of the most beautiful paint jobs.

I've ever seen. The green is astounding in japan. They don't have to worry about all these crazy speed, bumps cracks potholes, just dog roads in america. Everything in japan is super smooth, so man what an experience love this car it looks absolutely beautiful.

This is a momentous occasion having all three cars here lined up the last time. This happened was when shmee150 was in town. We took him into ride in every single one of these cars, minus the prius and, of course, the v12 century. That's still in japan, but stay tuned for that you're, probably wondering which car is going for sale.

Judging by today's video title. Luckily, it's only one car and it's going to be the kind of racer slash, bozoku car this car and s600 were imported. At the same time, about a year almost two years ago, pretty crazy how time flies but we'll be putting the car up for auction on, that's run by my friend alec. He runs the instagram handle jdm, not sure how you got it, but the guy's super smart, intelligent his brand new auction site specializes in just jdm cars.

So there will be a full walk around video for this particular kaido. Racer, slash bose, zoku car i'll, show you all the ins and outs of this particular car, all the details, all the mods i did in japan. I believe this is the only kite eraser in all north america that was properly modified in japan imported from japan and now it's here in the states for you to bid on so there will be an auction site at stay tuned guys. Hopefully, you guys have a fun time bidding on this car.

If you have any interest any questions, send me a dm or write a comment below we have two different splitters. This is a longer variant right over here we have another untouched brand new, shorter variant of the front splitter, that's in my apartment, and it's going to also include an extra rear tire. These are super wide. Let me check the size right right over here.
These are 245 525s in the rear, very expensive. You can only find them in japan or on auction sites in japan, they're extremely expensive they're, like five six seven hundred dollars a piece so you're going to be getting an extra rear tire with the entirety of the car and the extra front splitter. So stay tuned. Guys happy bidding and i'll be posting.

This particular car on my instagram as well. Just in case you guys missed this particular video. That being said, you got ta roll out guys check this out, we're filming the three cars and we found a new neighbor in the garage check. This out, 992 gt3 blacked out wheels black calipers, whatever narrow gray, is in porsche colors.

That's color looks pretty good.

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