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Oh look, who has decided to come back to los angeles, mr anthony unofficial, he's finally got the huracan spider back. It is an astounding, 85 degrees, medium humidity. Here, in los angeles, we got a pretty big weekend. We got the prius man.

This is looking really good. All right boys we're going to get a couple, pulls acceleration and maybe a ton of run with the huracan spider with the vorsteiner kit and the what kind of wheels are they getting the brixton red wheels yeah. Let me just run us through anthony exactly what we've got going on. I don't know 1016 hood or steiner novara frond.

It's got divorce, steiner, fender fenders are a very nice. The mirror is very nice for steiner, skirts. Okay, the skirt the brixtons are those two pieces. So, with the you know, you can see the exposed hardware, oh yeah, and then of course, crazy, ass, red okay.

I got the horse, steiner wing for steiner, rear bumper, and then this is a piece from nova tech. It's like a carbon piece that goes all the way across and then, of course it's not a lambo anymore. It is the ss yes ess toony yeah there. It is.

Oh platinum. Did this in gloss black for me? Oh, that's what you get if you had ordered the style package on it right. What do you think we're making on this thing? It should be making 800. jesus all day, sweet baby jesus.

It is looking really good man yep. I saw that boom zooming on that. Okay, but yeah very, very good job with platinum, shout out to rob for hooking up as always, you've taken a couple cars of yourself. Oh there it is rob and george jack the whole crew at the blackout, the whole platinum crew, locking it down and we're doing the re remote closed by the soft top on the spider yeah.

This is the smart top. You got to get this. If you have a spider smart, is that an option? No, it should be. Oh okay, see this is like standard on rolls, royces and stuff gotcha and he's like nah.

You can sit in the car and hit the button. No, i can't man, everyone loves this car. That's crazy: can you run us through the interior yeah? This is that dct ms spring wheel, yep is the alcantara and the yellow, stitching custom and everything yeah. I did the yellow stripe at 12 o'clock and then i see that yellow seat belt yeah.

Oh, it's got the carbon paddles, it's kind of hard to see oh yeah, the car, so this carbon piece right here is that oh, that's aftermarket aftermarket. I got tons of stuff. I don't even know when i'm going to get around to this. I got the whole center console all that trim.

Oh wow, all that plastic. I got all that in carbon, no kidding uh i got. I got the carbon see the the door. Had the grip like the pull handle yeah, i got the carbon overlapping, so it's got to install it and then you're ready to go.

We just got the car back from platinum, you're, never done right, you're! Never, but it's almost done not always. Let me know in the comments below what the next mod should be for the huracan spider on anthony's garage's youtube channel. Where anthony, where did all the videos go? We got to get a new video up, so you know what we should do. We should take this to carmax or one of those, because the market's hot you bought pretty low.

We didn't know that the car market was going to go up the way that has been for the past three to six months. That could be an interesting video because we just you just got a bunch of aftermarket work done and i'm curious. If i don't know i want to know, are they going to give me a solid offer on this? Are they gon na try and screw you over? I don't know yeah we have to find out. Let me know in the comments below if this video gets 5 000 likes anthony has to take it to carmax like this boom.

Okay, oh yeah, just like the video right dislike the video hell yeah. We have not turned this car off for three weeks. Gentlemen, three weeks, gordon three weeks, do you guys think it's gon na turn on yes or no yeah yeah? I think i think it's a pretty. I think we're good we're gon na find out in around 30 seconds.

Give me a second guys we're ready, oh whoops, the lamb bros out today. This thing started up after not drinking for three plus weeks. We got anti-unofficial nathan. Oh yeah, oh holy last time we were right at the park there trying to fill my full car collection.

We got kicked out by security and then the battery on the bozo car died. So then we couldn't move surprised, we're not going to give out jaywalking tickets out here. Good lord. This thing is insane anthony.

You are a madman dude. It sounded like a sonic boom all right and you flew right past us yeah. Do you guys think we should do like a toner run at this time? It's it's traffic is bad, but i think we could do it well. I think we'll make something happen, but if you go wide open throttle i'll i'll, let then i go behind you.

I can't hear this car anymore. You won't be able to hear, because this will make your ears ring in the tunnel so and you have the top down, so it goes outside of a tunnel. Oh, oh, oh! We're in trouble. We're setting off car alarms left and right, apparently there's a car show at the rooftop here.

Sorry, the old benzo crew rolling in got the sl500 the e420. Oh yes, sir, that's pretty dope! Oh yeah! You can see people do nice pulls over here. Holy smokes whoa wow. You can really just jump right over holy piece of pastas pista pastas over there.

This is the thing with los angeles. We were literally just five minutes down. The road had no idea. This show existed, and here we are for the period correct.

I think it's like a grand opening or something here in ply vista got both the cars lined up right there, i'm the only ding dong that just parked head through, but it is what it is. I'm just lazy and i just don't care boys. We have the c36 amg right here, pure correct everything, very pristine, the old guys they do have third brake lights. So the more you know check this out.

We got the whole beamer crew here, alpena wagon b3 3.2. Look at this wow, then that's pretty dope! Really interesting, we got the alpena b3 wagon, the 360 challenge stradale and he got the bentley gt3r wow back in the prius anthony. I think we got the lambo bug out of us yeah we're feeling pretty good. We got all the buttons we got all the stuffed animals and uh yeah.

We got mr alpaca just what we got. Oh, oh yeah. We got the whole. Oh, oh yeah they were, they were at the um show yeah all the yeah pure correct, show and then oh two rs r8.

Is that a pistol and a db7 is that db7 still for sale. It is for sale. Let's see how much yes, sir: let's see what it's for sale, it doesn't say: oh it just hasn't, it just has a number. You should definitely call max max.

Stop watching baseball, give the man a call awesome. Thank you so much so he was asking how much again 26 26. How many miles, though, didn't say right? It runs really good yeah, i'm sure everything runs really good when you're trying to sell something huh. Is it an s? That's that's pretty nice all right boys and girls.

We are back here at the garage. We got the gallardo laying dormant again for a couple of days. We are here with anthony unofficial, slash, anthony garage's, insane huracan mcdonald, spec baby ronald mcdonald. We extremely proud we're gon na take this out.

He actually had to go back to vegas for a little bit. We got nathan here we got the whole crew coming in in just a little bit, but we're gon na see exactly what's going on with this ess supercharged around 800 to 850 wheel horsepower. Oh, this is fancy hold on. Let's see, boom unlock very very nice.

I want to know what the experience is like with the top down with the supercharger in the tunnel, so we're going to take one of these cars out at a time and see exactly what we got going on here. Boys so wow. That alarm is so annoying. Wow boom top down baby, oh yeah, we're rolling now lights are on.

We want to be in corsa, oh god. The whole convertible experience is insane. We put it back to sport mode. I think course is a little too crazy right now we might hit the tunnels in just a second, so stay tuned guys force up it's too fast.

It's too bad! It's too fast! This is too much. Oh, my gosh! Oh my gosh, all right, ladies and gentlemen. Mr anthony was the juice worth the squeeze after waiting this long for the car. Absolutely you bet your ass.

It's a lot of fun, supercharged, huracan, spider, 610-4, guys. If this video gets. Let's just do 3 000 lives. We're gon na make it super easy.

Anthony has to restart his youtube channel pocket boom there. She is all right guys we're going to do a back-to-back comparison. We're going to take this out. Let me get this real, quick, it's not as fast as a huracan.

I think it sounds infinitely better sorry anthony. I'm sorry anthony, let's see who's louder, oh my god dude every time or have mercy, boys and girls, the gallardo listen, no offense anthony unofficial, mr anthony's garage. I will have to say this 2008 superleggera. Well, let's put it this way.

I think it looks better. I think it sounds better, it's not as fast, and unfortunately this is not as dailable as the huracan. That being said, which car would i choose probably the sheet mobile mike, which one would you choose quick hurricane just because it's dry? Okay, okay, i respect that. What if this was a convertible variant? What would you do? The tone is better.

The other car has more theater in the exhaust yeah and it's supercharged. I mean we can't even compare it yeah, and i think this one would be it's not a daily. I can't no you could. This is barely a weekend car, so there you go and back in the prius wow.

That was. That was an experience. Oh all, right!.

By effspot

13 thoughts on “How to embarrass an old lambo: bring a 800 hp supercharged huracan”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Perrin says:

    Man those lambos sound earth shattering loud.I wounder what exhausts are installed in each?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rx7dude2006 says:

    How to embarrass a 800 Hp Supercharged Huracan, bring a Tesla Plaid 4 door sedan;)

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Soltor1974 says:

    Old school Lamborghinis kill the new crap! Your just driving a rebadged Audi. 😂 German Italian super crap 💩

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars litty says:

    The old lambo has something that the new ones doesn't. It's character I don't see no kids hanging a poster of the hurucan compare to the posters of Diablo, murcialago Gallardo has…

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KABLE 819 says:

    Hey…. the Eff's going on in Las Vegas ?
    Just Like That…. get the Eff outta here with those tunnel runs Man.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Raymond says:

    Man the dude is sweating n looks like he about to throw up is he alright??

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars FlaxedWrist McMerkin says:

    You and Anthony are the modern Laurel and Hardy of cars…. He's awesome with your banter

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RJTDBF says:

    Anthony makes all your videos even better Gordon. Keep up the awesome work good sir!

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay says:

    Lose the red on the wheels lol looks like it crashed into macdonalds 😄

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars StatusNull says:

    welcome to the new effspot channel, where we change the title and thumbnail 5+times in desperation not knowing why views or shit going down or something idk why all the 10 titles but 1 video lol.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Braydon says:

    gallardo dash still lit up like a Christmas tree. will the engine lights ever go away?

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ryan says:

    this is just unreal. anthony you are cool af dude nice of you to let effspot drive your car.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Roblox Player200 says:

    Tbh if Gordon didn’t know Anthony he would send a pic of this to worstspec

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