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We are here in arizona check this out at the man cave that belongs to mr jesus. Lambo lambo jesus just picked up his r33. It's fully decked out he's gon na tell you all the suspension work, the engine work, but man, you got the 50th anniversary and of course, the lp 640 coupe. I see mr sheep just chilling right over there and we got a nice little surprise.

Guess right here with the miss puppy, the go-kart, the bat cart. Oh, my goodness, quite the eclectic collection here we're taking all three of these cars to the high line exotic show. We need some startups with all three cars. I'm really excited to see this car pair up and race a couple jdm cars later tonight, so we're gon na see how that goes.

But man we might be driving the 50th anniversary right over here and there he is the man himself. How are you doing? Lambo jesus: what's up man, oh yeah, they're, calling me jdm jesus jdm, hey zeus, but i didn't match my roots here. Oh yeah. This is, oh, my goodness, a little cooler than my 1997 eagle tail on tsi.

My first car ever, which was still fast, but i blew three trains - is in that car three transits yeah geez dsm doesn't start much. Yes, we're gon na have to we're gon na grill you about all the mods on this car uh after the show, probably because there's a very extensive and exhaustive list, but man check this out guys all right. Let's get a cold start up on this baby. Here.

Should i stand behind behind the car we're gon na be good. It should be good, okay, clean interior! Look at that! Oh, oh! I wonder if the neighbors here are enjoying this or they hate it. I don't know. Oh, this is what the viewers want to see.

A little hologram, oh folders, are you straight from japan baby! That's like 20 years old, get those psa graded baby. Oh my goodness. I hide him in the mercy. Although now i'm going to have to move him yeah, you got ta put him in.

Like a bank vote, oh man, a little pokemon throwback pulling up all the cars here holy smokes i can hear it hold on, sounds like a jet spoiling up. Of course, you got one, and only mr sheep, just chilling in the lp 640 change of plans looks like we're taking this car and we're going to do a little switcheroo with a 50 and the rosario man they're on the keys to the lp 640 looks very Familiar we've got the e gear right over here. The reverse got the parking brake to my left, uh right there. Of course, we've got the sport mode and the front lift.

I hope i don't mess this up without the apple carplay. Oh man, mr sheep, just chilling right over there. Yes, sir, oh my god, this car's got. Oh man guys.

The arizona sun is just beating down on all of us. Luckily, this is a night show. The first of its kind for the highline exotic show. So, oh yeah, oh my good god, whoa, spitting flames left and right.

Mr lambo jesus naughty boy. Man, look at all these people check out the mclaren elva with the windshield option. Unfortunately, boys that is a no-go for f-spot all right, we're away from the music. Let's see what arizona has got to offer us two four gts man classic specs.

Look at that wow. It definitely does look like a hot wheels, courtesy by none other than mr r watch out season assists coming your way. Whoa whoa whoa whoa we're gon na blur that out. Oh because i can't the ferrari corporate is not gon na.

Like that one bit, that's sick, though wow dude check out the shungite crystal in the middle good bites. Good energy hold on a second a super trafeo stradale sts, hiding all the way here. Huh, that's pretty sick. I nearly almost bought one of these when they basically bottomed out and they're like 160 a couple years ago, but it was not meant to be, and luckily we got the first gen.

Oh wait super jerry instead man, but this is a really sick car. Listen forget about the cars look at the plates. We got phoenix driven damn fast. This one just was the cw 102 mark super.

Look at the interior super clean, oh yeah, wow! Okay, now we're talking check out this old alpino here whoa. This is super nice. You don't see a lot of these in the states here. This is in 10 out of 10 mint condition.

Wow he's like okay he's got the shoes off. We were worried about how hot this might might be. Today, wow nsx squad rolling in deep. I feel like i've had sema all over again.

We have to talk over the music here, but man, especially the r33 baby man, dude, there's so many people around the world. It's insane jeez, oh, my goodness, grace. What's up dude, what's up? Oh look at the crowd here. Oh my goodness, all eyes on the r33, though this is a lot of pressure.

Let's roll down the windows here, oh my gosh! Look at this crowd! Hey! What's up! Oh yes, sir dude! This is nerve. Wracking, oh, that e-gear life hold on my god. Oh geez, let's get out of here! Oh look at that dog, that's sick! Oh man! We got the leapers in full force, arizona holy smokes here they come. This is crazy! Wow! Oh yeah! I love your youtube channel.

Oh, thank you good, sir. The support in scottsdale arizona i just got cheese rolls no way. What's your name again, uh, damn bakery dm bakery. What do you know? What's your middle name, uh reach, reach yeah reach gm bakery az do cheese rolls all right.

We just had dinner. We are swapping cars check this out. These are the keys to a lot of power from mr sasaki-san brilliant exhaust on the 50th anniversary. Oh, oh, my goodness.

What have we got ourselves into all you got to do right here. You press unlock and it's going to open the valves and bless your ears to kingdom. Come all right. We got it.

Oh, what is this devil's magic? It baby no flinching allowed on the xbox channel no offense, but i'm gon na have to say it. The gallardo is infinitely louder than the coal startup on the aventador, i'm just putting it out there. Here we go there, it is. Oh man, that's crazy.

I feel like we're going like 55 dude. It feels literally you go 100 in this car. It feels like 50. I'm not like, maybe more like 65, but it's just so smooth yeah between the two cars mercy and the uh anniversario, i'm going with mercy mercy baby.

This is you know it's a little too easy. I think two weeks not enough not enough work involved. Yeah! You got to put in work honestly to uh, you know it's more rewarding, you know, but uh. No just do another.

Do another few polls and tell me you still feel the same way: uh we're gon na delete that clip ice. What i just said earlier and we're gon na: oh man, you know they're brothers, these two cars. They are they're, definitely brothers, that's why you got ta have both of them. It's pretty open to me.

I can't even imagine it being stuck. No if it was stock. I would be like i don't want to drive this car right, no offense, just no for real, no you're right, asaki just woke this thing up. It just makes it you can't stop driving it's too fun.

Wow and you know from the outside. It sounds even better. Everything about this car is obviously more modern than the mercy logo. The doors are lighter, the steering is more nimble and lighter.

Don't just pretend the front lift's not up guys. Just just don't look at that, but man. This thing is an absolute beast: wow! Well, you know what guys i'm sticking to my guns, i'm going to say the murcielago lp640 is more of a driver, driving experience, but this thing this this this does really truly sound insane wow man dude. It just looks so good right and just so fast effortlessly, fast effortlessly fast.

I like that. Oh yeah, three, two one.

By effspot

12 thoughts on “He gave me the keys to the lambos! driving the aventador & murcielago”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Josh The Trucker says:

    The sound of both the Murcielago and the Aventador with sound at full blast on headphones sounds so damn beutiful

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kesse Saiyan says:

    Thank you Effspot, this is exactly what the world needed.. another LamboJesus video ! 😍💚

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tripod Catz says:

    Lemme guess – you got in the Lambos, started them, and immediately revved the engines for the next thirty minutes while saying, "Dude, that's so sick". Then, entirely predictably, you drove down Rodeo Drive aggressively while revving the engine as loudly as possible at every red light. Finally, you went on an obligatory bitching spree about a particular 'Karen' and/or some crazy lying cop that ticketed you? Am I close? Didn't watch the video, just figured.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan C says:

    that elva got hit at an event this weekend 😂 minor damage but can’t imagine it being cheap to repair

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ManeScreen says:

    I wished I kept my pokemon cards back in 1999 never expect them to make a come back and can be sold for thousands or millions😞

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Klownify says:

    Who else noticed the orange mclaren when they were under the underpass

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sean Price says:

    finally a real car on your channel lol. waits for hate from supercar simps

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Mitchell says:

    Lambo's try way too hard to stand out. I know they do stand out, but in a way that makes you look like an attention seeking dick.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ke Sai says:

    Effspot: "classic specs" Then I see the ass on the woman w/ orange pants on.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joshua V Fernandes says:

    lambo jesus is the god of lamborghini , well i guess he is the jdm jesus at this moment

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eduardo Lino says:

    Your my favorite car YouTuber. Always entertaining to see your content

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike M says:

    I still skip through the Pokemon cards but I never skip any other footage

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