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Is balancing his bottle of water on his freaking head dude, we're currently here at platinum, motorsports at the sunset location, with the ferrari we've got mr anthony unofficial here the plan is we're going to take this to period correct period. Correct? Is this period correct? I don't know i'll be over here, say less here we go. Go i'm trying to blend in we're. I think we're fine, a lot of beamers a lot of fences.

We've got a max show stack over there. Yeah, not bad parked right next to real stud dreams. Do come true, baby wow yeah. We didn't have time to wash it or anything.

So i mean what do you think? It's not bad, it's not bad! It's awfully close. You know. Maybe it's pretty scary. What do they say like a 50-footer there, you go.

It's a 50-footer for sure, yeah yeah. What is this celica? What do you mean? It's a ferrari. I think this is the most popular car here. Wow.

Oh man, oh look at this plate over here and then over here. Oh no! This is the og ferrari. Definitely a hit here at the period correct show, my goodness so, unfortunately, the rear engine bait is not open on the ferrari, but this one does look at this all carbon fiber man. I think this guy he's getting suspicious he's getting pretty suspicious.

I don't know. Oh yeah, i mean it doesn't help that there's a real one right next to it, and it's a scud, oh squad of these electric bikes. Look at this like 15 of them already go past. This damn extended exhaust check out this toyota crescent drive us back.

It's not one of those little antennas. Oh fm signals all the way from japan. With this thing, wow, hey! It's got these speakers in the back. It's got the curtains yeah.

Okay, look at the engine bay. All right take care. Man goes albert man, guy's, always hooking. It up all his friends ferraris, look at that two scuds and an sf9 nsx f12.

That's a pretty strong squad there. It is there you go. What are you doing gordon? So ferrari was a big hit at pierre correct? Yes, sir platinum, everyone loved it. You know we haven't had it, you haven't, had a negative uh uh comment or reaction yeah.

So so far, so good we're actually gon na go check out the bozo card. The tire is still flat: uh update it costs 750 to 800 per tire, including air shipping. Not cheap, we got two so we're gon na get a couple towels because we got ta wash the ferrari. Oh, it's it's! It's listen.

We want to make it presentable, maybe when we surprise don chase our favorite beverly hills sergeant with it right. We want to make sure it's in tip-top condition, so let's just get a couple of towels out of here: real quick. Oh, what the is this dude monterey, baby, they're they're monorail. I forgot about these no way.

Um! Don't listen! Listen! Don't we're! Not! I found the towel there, we go, we got the towels, don't don't worry about that? Don't worry about that. Just close that up yeah yeah we're good. I don't want to wait all right boys. It's currently night time we're taking the ferrari and super g to rodeo drive beverly hills.

This is gon na be really bad uh. Luckily, we are starting the car up at a more reasonable hour. I don't know what's going over there but yeah. This is going to be bad.

Oh my god, dude chrome, gold, ghibli holy. We are back in los angeles, anthony the ferrari. I mean these guys have no idea better watch out better watch out. Watch out boys.

Hey it's a strike game, no way: slingshots t-rexes! Oh! They got, they all got led lights, that's pretty sick, hold on strike game, triking, all right, all right, we'll take that all day, whoa! That's a lot of top one. Two, three four there's like six or seven of them. Yeah definitely ep thing: shaw, pink, slingshot, oh yeah. They love it in the s-class.

Yes, sir, all right doing a quick loop around beverly hills. It is a little quiet, but we do have the ferrari in the back. I think you can see that there he is man himself ferrari, fooling people, one tourist at a time, get the snapchat get the snapchat in the hurricane rental. Let's go whoa okay, silent, but deadly whoa hold on, let's hop in the bushes, let's hop in the bushes.

Here we go. No, not you! Dude you're, good, you're, good, bro, good bro, yeah. There it comes here. We go nice, that's okay! There you go peace out.

How much was it wait safer? Let me know 2.4 million. To be fair, i mean hey. Listen if that, if they got customers lined up for that thing, so be it yeah mustang mustang is arab o'clock coming back or what check this out boom boom boom. We're.

Currently, here on rodeo drive, we got the cars out the boys out to fooling the local tourists with, oh, my goodness, mr anthony make sure to check out his video eddie. You have something to say about the situation to say about this ferrari. They love it dude. They love it.

Super super super super. No, my god. They don't know at this point like they can't like anthony, can't break the news today because it would just crush their dreams. They're one of them is uh, not kosher, wait till they're both! Oh can you imagine.

Oh boy, we got ta pick one up for me. Dude pretty soon you got ta find all right. It doesn't even matter what life to live there, let's get the passenger door. Let's go baby, look at the crowd around the yeah.

What do you say about the id tricks? No way where'd? He go where'd. He go! Oh my god. Yes, oh montana, plan aaron now who oh who's big stepping over there anthony what's going on right now, these guys have come back twice. I want to run me through what's happening, let's hear it give us your opinion.

They've been there for 20 minutes. I looked at my phone. This is the second time they come back anthony. You can say it's okay, i don't know, are they checking it out? They want to see if it's real, i don't know it's getting a little weird, it's getting a little weird.

They want. They want those ferrari pictures man i get. I mean i guess so. I got ta get the iso, no love for the lambo, no love for the lambo, that's crazy.

I think i got ta pick up a fake lambo. Now this is ridiculous. You got the real thing. No attention that'll be next level, though oh low rider low rider.

Let's go hit those switches he's jamming dude. This is the guy, that's been bringing me champagne and wine bottles. Today i decided to bring you a lovely, lovely vodka. It's a little chilly outside, oh wow.

Thank you so much man. I appreciate it. Thank you. Cheers man.

Let's go every day put out like the alarm. Oh, no way, all the time make sure to watch his videos with a fake ferrari. I know you yeah. Yes, sir anthony right here.

That's great hell, yeah fake vodka, fake alcohol, oh man, that's funny! You can bring something that it's uh whoa, oh wow, okay, okay, whoa, dude, yeah, yeah sounds good. All right. Take care. Man have a good night great to see you all right, see ya man, boys and girls.

Mr shaw from cms motorsport pulling up. Look at this thing: oh whoa. Now this is a combo that this is a two-car solution right here when the s600 is done. You got to get these two together for sure yeah check out this g-wagon range rover, escalade, so many cars out the paint is immaculate.

Hold on, are you gon na head out? It's like glass yeah. This is a two-stage glass room, gotcha, just like last wet sanded, piano finish all right. Boys see you tomorrow, you guys. Oh, that thing is insane.

It was like damn look at that. This is a perfect two-car solution right here, super g and the benzo they they took a three-piece spoiler off of a 124 and they actually extended it, and then they molded it into the body because the it normally doesn't come with this little lip yeah yeah. It's got, i mean that's beautiful, wow yeah, they kind of did it very tastefully yeah. It looks original yeah wow.

I mean the dng everything dude mike's e63 s over here as well, benzo game whole squad. We got the photographer the instagrammer and then we got this going on over here hold on a second. What on the roof guys, i don't have this super zoom anymore, but check this out. Another music, video from the prada store boom and another one down there in front of.

I don't know what store that is, but man, two separate music videos on rodeo drive and it's only 11 p.m: yeah beverly hills, baby.

By effspot

17 thoughts on “Fake ferrari embarrasses my real lamborghini”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars VorticoseComb1 says:

    It's not only amazing all the people fooled bu the phorarri but the fact that Jeff's actual lambo is right behind it makes it 100% funnier

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Marvin Randolph says:

    You guys don't really show the car close up I want to kind of see better but you guys don't ever show it fully damn it's frustrating because it looks cool

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars x iDropKillz x says:

    Bro how does this piece of shit look better and better every time smh

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rikirix1 says:

    Looking at the video i could't avoid noticing all the brands around: Bottega Veneta, Moncler, Valentino and obviously Ferrari and Lamborghini…….it would be a boring world without all this made in Italy. Thanx Italy.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave says:

    And no ones Gonna say anything about my guy walking round with one shoe and one slider on??

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Gonzalez says:

    The Chinese guy has Down syndrome and still living and enjoying his life. Mad respect ✊

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MangoTail680 says:

    DDE: Hows to Embarrass a Lamborghini owner, bring a fake Ferrari.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Ray says:

    Its a good time when the liquor prince arrives and bears gifts

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lyle Green says:

    Trike gang didn’t even have TRex. I think that’s what ima get.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars THE-mad -CYCLIST says:

    DUDE !!!!!!!!!!!! everyone is so cool they have there base ball caps around the wrong way !!!!! wow in seconds they go from nurd cool !!!!!! jurk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Laumand says:


  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Connoisseur Of Cars & Tig Ol Bitties says:

    That’s hilarious what people do to be musicians at midnight in LA

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars PBSupercarPhotography says:

    pretty sure Ferrari replicas have gone up in value tremendously because of Effspot's and Anthony's videos lol

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hyphed says:

    i miss your SVR man that thing stood out everywhere it went because it was rare it's a future classic for sure, it would be amazing if you got another one in the future once prices go down and modify it

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard Vaughn Fraser says:

    That black paint on the merc is like glass, amazing paint job 👍🏾 would like to see that again in the day time.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chur Bro says:

    😆crack up shit new subscriber some funny and weird shit an LA alright keep up the vids 👍 cops cars and night crawlin plus weidos solid watch 🤙

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JCS says:

    You guys need to get a fake engine/cover to put in the trunk of the fake Ferrari 🤣🤣🤣

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