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We are back here in los angeles. The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Hope you guys enjoyed all the videos in arizona with lambo jesus, his crazy jdm cars and his lamborghinis. Of course, the back car the utah squad came in you, arizona squad came in, we all converged for bear jackson and had an amazing time we're going to take a step back and do a little bit of an investigative work today, because we're going to check out Some of the dealerships go out in the field scour some of the dealerships and see what is going on with these crazy markups that we're seeing at some of these car dealerships for new cars used cars.

Any sort of car the car market in north america is just absolutely insane. That being said, first things: first, we got to talk about what is happening on this damn desk. I have finally completed the 118, auto art mercy level, sv collection in every variant. Every color check that out boom looking absolutely gorgeous and, of course, the best one, the china edition and, of course, this turquoise one right over here are my two favorites and you're, probably wondering what is in this massive box on the ground, and i hate to snake.

You guys, but we're gon na save it for the next video i kind of underestimated how large this box is, and we are short on time we got to head over to south bay, then to beverly hills. Then the valley and possibly dtla check out some of the dealerships meet up with the boys meet with mike and see what is going on with the north american car market. We're currently here at the south bay mercedes service center and the angie dealership. We're going to take a look at some of the cars here because word on the street is the american used.

Car market is a little wacky right now and there's market adjustments on a lot of the new cars here. So we're going to go inside something. There's a charger down. There is something is someone fuckboing, oh yeah? Oh he did a donut.

He did a donut. What the hell we'll be right back, but once we i don't even know what to say. That's what a maniac, although he did like launch control right here, oh yeah! He brought myself oh yeah our first victim today. We've got a 20 21 amg g63 g wagon here retail is 176., so you're probably wondering where is the market adjustment? It's right? There baby 100 over so you're, looking at a total of 276.

welcome to america, a lot of people have been sending me photos of crazy markups of like 100 150 over sticker, and this this is true. It's real 100 over on this one, we'll be looking at this one 100 over wow. This one is retail 178, pretty similar, so you're gon na have 278, with the increased markup or the market adjustment of a hundred thousand dollars on the v8 by turbo 2021 g63 g-wagon. We have a c63s.

What years is 21. coupe msrp 85.8 right there? We got the market adjustment of 15 grand, so you want this car right now. Oh, it's already sold my bad. So if you want a new s-class at this particular dealership, we're looking at around ten thousand dollars over on most trips, we got an msrp of 120 10 over for an s500 jeez, welcome to america, land of capitalism and democracy and just marketing adjustments of the wazoo.

So we looked at all the s classes, they all do have market adjustments. So so we have a gle 450, pretty standard in basic white here and we also have a market adjustment of. I think it's five thousand dollars right up here and this unit is obviously sold, so people are paying and we have an e53 here. What are we looking at 10 000 markup? This is how much i paid for the e-class.

That's a 63. So this is a 53 53, 20 21 53 and pretty basic spec msrp 88 man all right - we're currently here at a toyota dealership. So you think it only affects high-end cars. Think again, we have a 2022 tundra.

4X2 msrp is, let's see 47.5 options. This is right here and we got market value. Adjustment of 10 grand perma plate is hundred dollars, clear shield, six hundred and theft patrol for another two grand we got the window theft edge for another six hundred, so we have a total of fourteen eight, eight or a total price of 62 for mike. What's permanent plate perma plate, like you know, my sister bought a car here and they put tape on the doors and charged her for an extra 100 bucks.

120 bucks. That's what they do so like you know. If their margins are razor thin, that's what they do. They're going to add these this nonsense.

We have a trd sport in white, pretty standard 21 or 22 model gear 22 model 4x2 trd sport msrp is 45 000.. This is handwritten by the way set patrol etch door, edge, permaplay markup, another 10 grand so you're. Looking at a total of fifty nine thousand eight hundred and fifty four dollars on a toyota trd, sport now listen. I know these cars are amazing, they're, reliable and toyota.

You can do off-roading a lot of fun stuff, but this market is is insane. These markups are more than the s-classes were at the mercedes-benz. That's right, they're like what 10 over for the s-classes the s-500s. This is a total of 14 700.

wow, no wait. 2, three yeah 14.. All right guys! We have a brand new 2021 2022 toyota camry. Se special edition - it's not even like the high-end, was a trd trdi or whatever it's called check out the moroni sticker on the 2022 super white toyota camry.

So msrp is 28570. You got wheels additional three leather, four tint, two grand market value. I can't read that so one or is a seven perma plate, etch, clear shield theft patrol total, forty nine thousand dollars, four hundred and forty three dollars, seven thousand. That is absolutely insane.

Is this like aftermarket leather, i don't even know it kind of looks terrible. I mean no offense these wheels and the leather and the tint it just i'm not a fan of, but the leather is crap. This is like football leather like if you yeah it looks like pigskin, leather or something i don't know, look at the interior like just look at it. It doesn't look right, well, yeah, there's like lumps in it there's like air bubbles.

It looks like around the stitching. You can see the air bubble, i am actually flabbergasted. Maybe the hundred over on the benz g wagons aren't such a bad deal. After all, okay, at least it's got the digital plate all right guys.

It looks like most of the cars out here in the used lot. Don't really have a crazy markup. Well, it does have the dealer markup the edge the perma plate, the theft patrol nonsense. Listen, i get that's all standard practices with the car.

You know with the dealership community, but times are different now you know so everything here technically has a markup, but the crazy markups seem to be the new cars inside the dealership. So we're going to make the rounds around torrance and the south bay dealerships here and we're going to see what we see guys, because this is this is this - is pretty crazy. We have another forerunner here. This is the let's see the 4runner 4x4 sr5 premium.

V8. There's a lot of glare here i apologize there. Let's go! Let's go this way here, so we had a retail of and have all the accessory uh subtotal of almost twelve thousand dollars. Seven four market value, perma plate theft, patrol clear shield and window theft edge.

So all right - we're currently here at a chevrolet dealership, as you can tell it, is actually very vacant we just went inside. There is zero cars for sale inside a dealership, no markups, but there are dealership markups on some of the silverados here and some of the other cars outside, but there's very slim thickens. This is the result of the chip shortage and just the crazy, crazy u.s market. For used cars, you thought we were joking, there's literally nothing here inside this dealership, not a single car, at least new car nice jersey selection, though that's pretty amazing, yeah, all right guys on to the next dealership.

This chevrolet dealership is a total bust, no markups, because there's no new vehicle so go figure all right, guys we're at a condo dealership check this out. We have a civic hatch, asking 38 30 800. We got the msrp right there. They got the pro package for a thousand dollars clear skill package for another 500 car security for 1500 keys and replacements for 16 months.

Another 400 and the uh added markup is 5., so a total price of 39.1 there, it is, the proof, is in the pudding. Ladies and gentlemen, this is for a standard 2022 civic, 1.5 t hatch. What do you guys think is that a little bit too much? Is that reasonable compared to some of the other markups? But let's take a look at this one over here. Stand the honda accord right here, no big deal, we got the same markups right here, three markup and then you got the standard dealership stuff here on the side.

This is a 2022 accord. 1.5 tlx has been 26.8. Total is 33.2, with all the markups all right. We have a 20 22 honda civic si with some weird package.

You guys are not going to believe this check this out. One second boom we're going to walk over here to the moroni sticker. We have a msrp of 28.7. It's got some of the options right here, but then check this out thousand dollars for the pro package clear package, the car security.

Then you got the uh 60 months of assistance on the road hpt package. It includes a spoiler kit and wheels and added markup of 10 grand 49 000 for this car right here that retails at 28.7, who the hell are buying these cars at these prices, and i'm not gon na lie that whatever this hpd package is, i mean it's Cool, well, you can get it for a lot cheaper than whatever they're asking there's a pretty sick red s2000 in there it did not have a price, but look how empty the lot here is. There's nothing, there's nothing! There's literally nothing! There is the used lot across the right over there for the used cars, but new cars forget about it. We're currently here at the bmw dealership, how much over looking at 10 over geez msrp 122.4 full price 132 for 10 000 over sticker.

For this thing here, x5m competition there's an n4 comp convertible, the black one, all the way down there they're asking 20 000 over sticker 10 over on the 840i. The white one right here, all right, we're currently here at the cadillac dealership, this escalade here, 2022 escalade esv two-wheel drive premium luxury is asking 93 too. We have a dealer markup of 15 000 of markup and we got the dealers stuff, the lux care and the edge guards total 110 105. hold on check this out.

So the edge guards right here says 6.95 for the escalator white and we got another escalade in white over here charging 8.95 for the edge guards which are not installed right now, as far as as far as i can see, i don't think the edge guards are Installed right now, look edge guards right there 8.95. This one is asking around 17 000 of markup, including deluxe care and edge cars, but why is the edge guards two different prices for two very similar cars? This is the two-wheel drive luxury edition msrp 79. That has a higher msrp and a higher trim, but this one is a lower trim with a higher edge guard markup of two hundred dollars shouldn't that one have the 8.95 doesn't have the 695. I don't know that's weird.

Well, i'm charging you for something that isn't even on the car. Yet pretty much check this out. We have a cadillac. Ct5, looks pretty nice.

Let's get a wide shot of it. Okay, msrp we're asking a total of 62.9 right over there dealer markup 15 plus another 17, so 16 7 total of around 80 000 there. It is more markups for you guys we're currently here at the porsche dealership. Now i just want to point out one thing: that's really bizarre.

The design of this lot is not the greatest. I see some bad designs, but why is there this ledge that just drops off right here? It tapers off it's like a sidewalk, but it's just a regular parking lot guys, let me know what's going on. Why does this? Why why? Why does this part exist? If someone didn't see it, they could just easily parked and went over and just boop. That's it you're dunzo's.

We have a brand new 2022, 992 carrera 4s. Now you're, probably wondering spot gordon truly. You have lost your damn mind because we're filling porches out here check out the moroni sticker on this. So we have one of my shadows on the way here we have the options list right over here.

The msrp is 159 market adjustment of 40 000 us dollars and it says demo. Now i don't know what demo means is that a demo car was a test test car that they used. I don't know what the odometer says, but a base carrera 4s coupe is now almost 200 thousand dollars there. You guys have it market adjustment 40 grand boom.

We're currently at the local nissan dealership, we got a gtr 2021 premium edition with red interior black exterior. It has a 40 000 markup bringing the grand total to 160. I believe here hold on check that out dealer asking price: 160, 40, 000 added markup for a brand new 2021 nissan gtr. It's not even a nismo, just a premium edition, so we are looking at all the ultima's, the rogues.

Everything is basically ten thousand over choose any car. Let's choose this one right here: it's gon na be ten thousand dollars over hold on. Here we go boom. Ten thousand dollar additional markup, so originally msrp is twenty two one.

Now it's thirty two one, that's insane! These are standard cars, ultima's come on nissan rogues, guys, don't believe me, let's check out some of these muranos. This is not even a platinum edition. This is a regular murano. What do we got? Ten thousand dollar market baby? Oh yeah, so they have an amg gt black series right over there.

Msrp is what 337 or 357. Let's take a quick look, but unfortunately there is a dealer markup of 200 000 on this black series. Here we go 337 for the 2021 angie gt black series. A very nice spec, but i think it is for sale, because it's got a massive 200 000 markup, all right boys and girls.

We're currently here at all the keys on van nuys dealerships. I think, there's a lexus. This is a chevrolet there's the benz. I don't know what else they own, but everyone that we've been to, especially at the benz dealership and the chevrolet dealership.

All the keys dealerships do not have their markups on the windows sticker. I don't know if that's legal or illegal, or is it even legal to have a markup in the first place we did find out. There was a 200 000 markup on the amg gt black series, so a sales associate did tell us. There are markups on the cars, but there are no visible stickers.

So so we have. The new is 500 s sport. Here very nice car we sat on one in monterey. The interior is a little to be desired, but the msrp on these are around 68.8 they're.

Asking for a i think: 52 000 markup, if i'm correct a total of 120 000 and for the track edition rcs. Now i remember these cars. They could not sell these if their wife depended on it, because msrps were so high. Msrp is around 107.

they're asking 150 total, so go figure guys. I don't know these are accurate numbers. That's just what one salesperson told us. None of the markets are on any of the cars here so 107 for the msrp and 43 for the markup.

Supposedly we just went to the lexus dealership. One sales associate told us. There was a 50 000 markup on the is 500 f sport, the brand new sedan and then another 40 plus thousand dollar markup on the rcf track edition. Then we spoke with a second sales associate and that person told us there's only a 20 to 30 000 markup so which is it? I have no idea.

None of them have them on the window stickers. So it really is up to the sales associate to see. Uh how much they want to charge you! I guess currently here at the keys toyota dealership, tricky style. We have a 20 000 markup for the trd pro 4runner.

It includes all the alarm: edge guards, markup 22.3 total of 77 thousand dollars in this brand new color. It's like a citrusy lime, green, so you're, probably wondering to yourself listen spot. Is this just a los angeles county problem? Is this just a socal oc or even a california or a west coast problem and uh? I really beg to differ because i made an instagram poll and a story asking you guys to send in some of the craziest markups that you've seen in your city or home state and across the country. We got some pretty good ones right over here, so we got a bmw, m5 cs with a hundred thousand dollar markup a bronco with 72 000 markup charger 30k, pretty standard standard, civic 40k markup, a ford raptor 55k market, not too surprised there.

G wagon, 200, 000. Markup and my favorite one right here is the rav4 with a forty thousand dollar markup. So that being said, we do have a bit of good news, ladies and gentlemen, because some of the manufacturers are seeing these crazy market adjustments. For example, chevrolet have reached out to the dealerships and said: listen.

We know the z06 is coming out. If you guys do crazy markups, you might lose potentially lose some of your allocations now. Will they follow through? Is that actually going to happen? We don't know time. Will tell but at least the manufacturers are taking note and writing down dealership names and seeing who are the worst offenders.

So, if you're looking for a car in this current situation in this current market, i suggest you try and wait it out just a little bit. I've been looking for certain cars for many many months, and i noticed that a lot of these prices have actually started to lower little by little, because no one's really buying them at these outrageous prices. That being said, hope you guys enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up, give it a like subscribe. All that fun stuff.

We got some pretty crazy content coming to you in the next few videos, so stay tuned guys have a good day.

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  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Santos says:

    jesus!! why people dont stop buying overpriced cars? like, just give a break and demand and prices go down…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin K says:

    The best part is some of these don't show the price mark up on the websites. You get kicked in the ass when you get there.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Loudmanv8 says:

    My dad told me that there was a 2021 tundra brand new go for 87k that just like buying a dam diesel ford, Chevy, ram

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neurolect says:

    The worst one I’ve seen so far and it hasn’t been by far is an $18,000 Dealer Market Adjustment on a 2022 Kia Telluride. MSRP was $50,000… crazy these days.

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    Luckily in korea there is no price adjustment but it takes over 6months to get your new car and the market for used cars are sky rocketing

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TAS says:

    So I can speak on behalf of the dealership I work for and the dealerships in the surrounding area I work at a Hyundai dealership in Coastal Georgia and we have addendum‘s Appearance and dent protection and tint (total $1757 increase over MSRP) with no additional dealer markup and most dealerships in my surrounding area have no markup other than luxury brands and dodge stores so it hasn’t hit us that bad but inventory is very scarce most lots are running at about 35%-50% Of what they usually have

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    That’s crazy! How the dealers have the courage to sell this cars with a totally crazy prices!
    Some of this prices is 20k over the real ones. That’s completely insane. No words about that.

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    All part of the great reset there doing this on purpose that is why the fuel prices are so high and the cars are low in stock. They want you to drive electric cars and self driving vehicles. All of this has been prophesied in the book of Daniel with the 10 kings and the book of revelation.

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    I think Longo is the one of the dealerships that doesn’t mark up their vehicles in socal

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    Tbh I was amazed the G63’s were only 178.000$ (w out market adjustment obviously) which is 156.000€. Here in Spain you’re going to be paying at least 250.000€ which is around 280-290.000$ for a new G63 (market adjustments in cars are illegal here).

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tamara B says:

    Mark up exist because people are too dumb and not willing to simply wait
    We were able to make good profit on TRX and 2019 G63 thanks to people not being able to simply wait

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    I'm surprised the dealers weren't kicking you out for filming. I'm sure they hate this kinda stuff? Most of them are already sold though, so they don't give af with their pockets stuffed with cash.

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