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Probably wondering that is not mr sheep right there, that is an imposter there's. Mr sheep check this out. Oh okay, anyways we're at do a little skirting across the street. There we're at another parking garage, but look what we found right over here at the rooftop.

It looks like there's more, i believe those are oguera's service cars. We just saw that lambo at the center or the service center and it's getting parked at the rooftop. We might have to check it out there uh, i don't know a lot of hidden stuff in this parts of towns. Boys check out the amg gt63s he's got the correct wheels and then his buddies got the g wagon g63.

Oh yeah. We got the grace period. So the trick to a lot of this is you want to find those garages with the 15 or 12 to 15 minute grace period. That means, if you're in and out within 12 to 15 minutes, you don't have to pay, but some of them have no grace periods and guess what that's all bad yeah i don't know, but that thing is nice.

What does it say? Silver cloud silver cloud: just hiding here, dude there there's just cars everywhere. We we can't physically check this entire lot. This is a 5 000 plus car garage here, ladies and gentlemen, i don't know what we're gon na do. Do we just go down each aisle, or do we just i i don't know yeah we go down the middle and oh there's like this old mercedes over here on the left.

Look at that! Oh look at those wheels. That's a 500 e, oh hold on! Wait! Look at that. Second, that's amg, baby! That's a final ge! Yeah! Let's uh! Let me just step out real quick and we're gon na have a little look, see you boys and girls that is in pristine condition. Oh my goodness! The flares the arch layers on the front and the rear are so the paint there's no scratches wow wow 500e boom uh, i almost well, i did buy my friend marcus's, beat up and stolen 500e and we're going to restore it to like a resto mod and, Unfortunately, it just didn't pan out, i don't think it was going to do well on youtube and the costs were just a little too much pure correct.

I mean what a beauty no scratches yeah look at this color. It's dark blue two-car solution right here, boys, huh, yeah. Apparently, porsche was involved with the building of this car and they used to build these in under 18 days at the factory that porch little mac show stack fact for you guys here you like that huh yeah. So we're back here at this particular garage and check out the original moroni sticker here, 141 thousand us dollars and 89..

It's got less than 8.6 miles, i think on the odometer, so we adjust that for inflation to around what 250 260 back in 89 so original tires original everything and the interior is actually impeccable. That's crazy! Just sat here yep. I will never personally understand delivery. Mileage cars, but you have this many to each their own.

You know any porsche enthusiasts watching this particular video slantnose porsche, i'm just going off what these guys are telling me. So we need that showstack here stack. I don't think this black 3rs was here last time. I was here the first time wow that didn't make any sense.

Let's try that again, this black 3rs was not here, or at least i don't remember, seeing it here, i'm going to have to check my footage. We got the white 3rs over there as well huh. Even though i just have a really bad memory - and i don't know - there's like a special edition dv11 but uh - it's got a number 12 on it - 512 bbi in black, unsure on how many miles it has. But man, i'm not sure what the going rate for this car is, but ain't cheap, the maybach gls 600 in purple now just hold on a day gone.

Second, look at this is that a wrap dude like i don't know it looks like a rapper yeah. Okay, yeah, ah whoa whoa, whoa they're, like beefing with someone in there. I think right, yeah, yo, uh. Oh there they go thanks a lot man, you yep he's yelling, oh, oh, we might have to stop.

Let's stop! I don't know. She's got a machete or something or no, oh, there's a fight going on. Oh what the guys, what is going on holy crap, how much stuff this guy has that's a balancing act. Oh wow! Look at all that stuff, wow that that was there last night.

I thought it was someone's car, but it's still there morgan arrow ss in criminal spec. That's not my turn! That was 1240s term. Hey we're speaking about 40. Where is belforty he's not here he's not here, he's oh freezing his ass off in chicago.

What is that color in that g wagon brabus, you just say merci lago we're going to have to check that out. Another undisclosed location, obviously duh, is that a cambolican. It looks like horn, we got, i got ta, take a photo of that thing. What in the world is that for all you porsche enthusiasts? Oh, okay, okay, okay, okay, that's pretty nice that that's white interior, very nice! Oh, is that like cool red yeah dude then got the anthony's garages e4 down here hold on boom.

Okay check out this porsche! Nice color, but the calipers. What happened they're green uh to each their own. I guess there you guys, have it green cal. No! It's like uh office structure.

Here, oh yeah, oh yeah. Let's take a look. Let's take a look! Oh thank you. Thank you! Oh yeah.

What is you think, use doings? Oh, oh guys there are no cars in this garage. The scooter spotting has not gone well. We're gon na check the rooftop, but we do have an abandoned explorer. Eddie bauer edition right over there back in this particular garage, looks like none of the cars have moved one bit all right.

We got a mauricio lago with a questionable wing today, all right, oh my sweet baby jesus. Now, what do we have? Oh amr, lamp truck is that a water speed edition that is a water speed edition rolls royce, got mr michael right over here. Hooking it up. No one else wanted to come out.

He decided you know what let's do a little urban exploration. Let's go find some super cars in the garage, i'm unemployed, oh yeah, we're both we're just both just chilling like you know like all right, so we got a nice lambos, aston, rollies, believe it or not. All these are public parking, garages, half them utilized for storage purposes or people just leave their cars here and park and go to work. I don't know, but let's go down another level.

Okay, looking pretty good check out the plate, la lambo, we're gon na check back there in a little bit we're gon na head out one more level here: montana plate, of course, there's a little dusty car in the back there uh! Oh! This is all very interesting. This benzo looks oh, oh, my goodness. What is oh is that lotus, maybe yeah mantega urus santa bentley, p1 revington 675lt bentleys diablos ochp cars, gt3 prius, and then we got the chrome, two-tone bentley and if you didn't know it was a bentley. You got belly plastered all over the front.

Windshield amazing. This b1 is so nice, this p1 and this senna very nice combo front. Lift this up, though, paint just a little bit: first-gen mercy. Logo six-speed, i believe, not sure where this is under the cover.

Oh yeah, six speed, this thing is beat yeah. Jesus come on guys, take care of your cars. Look at this thing. Oh chp cars that thing's been here for a while, not sure.

What's underneath the covers here, i can only guess and speculate. Look at this thing. Drift car no way. What is this doing here? Look at these k - cars, mclaren slr 3-inch, so i don't know what's underneath here.

I think it's a carrera gt, that's right in black 600 pullman! This is crazy. All the old chp cars don chase, if you're watching this, which one of these were your cars, were you on the mountain patrol on this little jeep or oh. He was probably this one he's playing this. He was high with patrol fox body lmw2 and black black veyron.

No one can only speculate what's underneath these covers here. So, of course, we are always respectful on the f spot channel. We're not here to open any sort of covers and of course, we've got. The rare specimen the 2008 prius, with over 220 000 miles, it's got a sheep in it, a couple buttons, some cats, a lot of uh exterior damage.

This is a uh, it's a one of one don chase. If you're watching this is. Was this your whole patrol car, one chaser, one of you, let me get it for you was it that one or the camaro? No, it has to be the one chaser look at that yeah. It's got the hood scoop and everything.

That's insane! Imagine getting pulled over by one of these guys. Oh my pants game over you're getting a ticket. I can't tell, of course you got your standard mclaren's over there. What the heck is that, like lavender, pink or rose gold, maybe rose gold rose pink standard, and here we are again these three guys what happened you're right.

That is really dusty. Oh, my goodness. Look it's hard to see, but oh yeah, that's that ain't dust. It's caked: it is caked yeah the jackpot here boys that one's pretty dusty these these two bentleys are pretty dusty as well.

The air suspension is just yeah, it's dunzo's, yeah, it's been there for so long, wow hold on a second guys. This aventador sounds like it. Doesn't sound right, it sounds broken, wait, listen that did not sound right, something sounds really off whatever. If whoever that is whatever exhaust you just got, what you got to do is take it off put in the trash here.

We have a bugatti that looks, vaguely not vaguely it's very similar to our friend's chemical method. This is a nice color on the roli. There is an i8 in uh yup range, hollowing in and then hyundai and we got the s. Martin raped amr, a regular at whatever that restaurant's called and we got the nas tech security, locking it down keeping the streets of beverly hills, safe, safe and sound, except if you have a richer melee watch at open style, you might get jacked in broad daylight.

If you guys park in that particular lot after a certain time, they close the gates and that's uh. That's the end result: you don't get your car back. Yeah learn how to use a roundabout around the boot, so we're at new surat on the scooters. Of course.

Can't see the crowd, but it's quite formidable, and i think everyone in line also has a reservation. So good luck, guys, s65 v12 by turbo on pennsylvania, plate squad, exhaust and silver. This statue right here always reminds me of like a tape worm or like someone's intestine. Oh, you can sit on it no way hold on we're doing a little impromptu tour of beverly hills because we usually drive around and never really stop and smell the flowers or an intestinal.

Looking tapeworm statue but yeah get a closer look. Oh um max. What do you think? That's disgusting guys you're gon na like this leaf. Here we got the is dara, i'm gon na mispronounce it dior 112.

I believe one of water is a one of two can't remember. M120 engine v12 same as the s-class dude. This guy is just chilling. I'd hit sunset boulevard.

Do a little night drive it's a sheep. What do you think gucci sheep just chilling on the pedestal?.

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13 thoughts on “Exploring the hidden supercars of los angeles”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars paul c says:

    Why do some of these super cars have a Montana tag? And in LA?\ Is there a reason they register the cars in Montana?

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JOSHUUAAA A says:

    Pretty sad seeing people living out of their cars in one of the richest countries in the world

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Lazarus Q says:

    That black aventador is a replica thats alfredo he bought it for $25,000.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars growingup15 says:

    Ah yes another reminder to never move to LA Because how Trashy it is. the Inequality is horrible 🙁
    Nice Video BTW

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Ray says:

    So you're gonna mention the Urus and AMR but not the prime ass Geo Metro? Baaaasssssed

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris says:

    went from calmly looking at delivery mileage classics to street beefs and practically almost witnessing a murder… content never gets old, buddy! haha

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kanenstuff says:

    Too much money in LA too many forgotten about just some really nice cars hiding away.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Frost Cate says:

    Ya probably should’ve given more screen time of the Reventon lol. The comments are like split half between every other car and the other half based only on the Reventon

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ethan Campbell says:

    That Testarossa was sitting there in the public parking and sat here with sisters next to each other. Those cars are super rare back in the 80’s era.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Simba says:

    That Aventador sounds perfect. Its a catless exhaust setup higher RPM it has that crazy unique Aventador sound. Not so much at the lower RPM when its catless.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kyle Smith says:

    Ok really though. I want to see the people that own those cars collab with a YouTuber. I bet there are so many stories behind each car I’d love to hear… only in LA a P1, Senna, reventon, etc casually in one spot lmao love living in Cali😫.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jordan Dahl says:

    "freezing your ass off in Chicago" BRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOO its 90 here lmao

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stefan Farkas says:

    for me to see supercars i have to go events and travel at least two hours just to see a ferrarim Meanwhile effspot just checks out the car park next door

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