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Ladies and gentlemen, we are back here at the rainbow chic museum in the outskirts of abu dhabi og. Subscribers know that we've been here many years ago, maybe four five six years ago, i can't really remember, got the squad going on over. Here we got the gmc denali, the huracan, the bronco sport and the ford explorer is still getting the tickets but stay tuned. We got the massive jeep over here in a house car, oh, my goodness, that is insane.

Oh look, there's a jitney in here whoa. Just for reference, that's how large the wheel is on this jeep, but the house car here boom and then the jeep and then tetris. There we go. We got the ticket, we've got the ticket yeah, we are back baby.

Yes, we got the mini power wagon. You got the regular sized power wagon and you got the mondo size power wagon. Look at that one might have to ask themselves how in the world would you even get inside of this monster power wagon cms motorsports would love this particular section here. Got the goldwing doors check out the interior sl500 rainbow shakes uh spec look at the interior, oh yeah.

We are back here at the bend section. We got the s 600 97 model wow. It looks really mint hold on. Let's take a look very nice, w140 tire's, a little dusty beautiful.

We come back with a greater appreciation of the classics, especially with the benzes out. Here we got the 500e s600. Oh, it's got a california plate. What the heck mr sean, at cms, if you're watching this video, we have a 1001 seo 83 model.

Look at the gold look at the interior. It's got the curtains, beautiful look at the rear. It's got three little circular things on the trunk. What is going on there, every imaginable it's got: color match interior color magic wheels.

It's got the rainbow library on all of these 500 seos got the green one blue one and the pink one, of course, the white one. Apparently, on the second floor up here, we've got a lot of the more compact cars we've got, the fiat 500 and rainbow spec amazing daihatsu number two. I never played uh there's a race where they only race those cars with this on ground trigger really which gran turismo do. You know which number two radio show? Oh we're.

Looking at some of the smaller cars up here, we got an e-rad junior 1963 made in italy, the size of a wiper and look at how tiny it is pretty amazing. Leggy a b up 2001 from france ah looks like a golf cart, honestly or maybe it is hold on. This is peacock peacock he's literally blocking the right. It won't move.

I need a picture of this move go around the peacock he's not having that. He won't. Let us go right, go right, we're good! We are back here in abu dhabi at the sbh auto gallery, wow there's a couple of new cars here. I have no idea what this is.

The friend javento look at these exhaust pipes, though that's that's, got ta, be the craziest thing. I've ever seen in my life. Look at that there's been a few newcomers in the sbh auto gallery. Since we last came here three or four years ago or gt was not here, p1 elva and then that thing over there all the veyrons are still here and we will do a full walk around all the cars here very nice guys.

We got the aston 177 and a vulcan model. This has to be like a 1 4 scale. I've seen 1 8, and this is definitely not it. Oh, my goodness, that's sick! That is insane.

Can you imagine having this as your centerpiece in your living room? They take up the entire living room - that's awesome, cok gtr, roadster! Next to the mc12, we got all the major ferraris here. You got the sergio mercedes, benz racing cars, sterling moss, slr. Everything and anything under the sun is here in this particular collection. Boy.

Sl65. Black series geez, of course, the 300sl sturdy moss. What do we have over here now? Son? That's a big boy! That's a nice model of a yacht! Here we go f40 enzo la ferrari, coupe berta sergio la ferrari. This is it right here guys.

This has got to be one of my favorite cars, the 599xx, not the evil, the evil's got the bigger wing and all that fun stuff. But this is pretty sick, though it is a dream to honestly buy a stock 599 and put a kit to make it look like the xx evo, with the big wing put a brilliant exhaust on the car, the 61 equal length headers. That thing will absolutely scream check out the interior to the clk gtr roadster, absolutely insane quick run through here. You got the xg220, the elva p1 centenario revinton4 gt o4 gt that funky thing over there and a bunch of veyrons ducati bike, there's something in the rear.

There that we need to check out right. Stefan, you see the bugatti engine in the back. There come here and take a look. What does it say right down there? This is a gift from bugatti automobiles to reward his highness sheik sultan bin hamden al-nayan.

For his loyalty towards bugatti, they just sent him an entire engine block from the veyron. That is insane check that out wow a spider on the bug there you go. Is it poisonous? I don't know it's going to jump at me. I know it surprisingly.

I actually do not have an 118 model scale of this particular bugatti. Auto art makes it i've been meaning to buy it. I just haven't after seeing this in person again, i think i have to reevaluate my uh my priorities and snag one before they keep going up. That is lunch with a spectacular view.

Voice got some dates, a little bit of seven up and some local food. Oh yeah, look at all the memorabilia here check this out number 420 of the revinton lamborghini certificate. That is insane. You got the porsche 918 a lot of the photos.

Here you got the 4gt being built with the maroney sticker crazy. You got all the bugatti certificates over here as well and the ferrari ones too sa perta 599xx. All of you guys here that must be a very expensive plate check this out. We got the power wagon.

With the lifted suspension wheels tires, it's got a hellcat engine in it hold on a second joe here check out the interior of this power wagon. It's got apple carplay, that's unbelievable! We got to see this thing in action sometime, my goodness smells nice too. All right boys are currently here in dubai. We are around keen arthur's night of the circle.

We were having a conference inside the hotel trying to pick up a rental car stay tuned guys. Here we go. Oh yeah check out this shirt. Oh yeah, is it a gto, oh yeah, maybe a gto yeah currently here in dubai boys doing a little bit of underground car spotting.

This is one of the more fun series that i enjoy filming on the channel, so we're gon na spend the next few days driving around car parks. Just like we did in los angeles socal. This guy's got an instructor he's, so bored hold on the instructor was doing wheelies for like a split. Second, you see the instructor.

Oh yeah, that's a naughty boy boy! You got these students right. We got to get on. The main road here come on, come on. He's going come on.

Oh now, i think he's getting serious because he's on the road or no he's not he's literally like i want to do a wheelie. Oh man abandoned cars of dubai, not the mustang gt. No, that's a sad looking mustang! All four tires. No three tires: 599 gto, that's pretty cute fender that very short one toyota century is hiding in the garage here.

Look at that whoa. I see leather interior. I've never seen that building before look at that, oh parentheses, we're currently here at another undisclosed location. We got a 918 spider with a cover on it, got an sos black series.

Very nice solar, beam, yellow and we're not sure. If this is a 722, i don't think it is. Would you say it's a mclaren slr nice plate q70. Good combination, not bad.

I like these cars. I probably take the sos black series honestly between the two okay, okay defender, a little 720 s, little maybach bus or uh. Oh, what do we have over there? Oh out of all the cars in this particular lot. I thought this is just a standard sl 600, but last indie.

Oh, no! Look the window's cracked wait for it. It's got the amg badge boom. It is an sl70 amg holy crap, that's sick. This is probably the coolest car in this particular garage earth, 2.

Worst, dot spec. What do we this? Is it boys, the the homon kitted s.o.r volcano? Now, uh. We saw this car what how many years ago, indy like probably about six years ago, maybe three four five six years ago, yeah and now it's back here in dubai - check out the jamaan volcano mclaren slr, getting a little dusty here. We saw this car five or six years ago.

I think in abu dhabi and potentially back here in dubai. I can't remember it's been a long time, but pretty sick 720s bunch of ferraris check out the color on that one. That's pretty cool where on the street is. There is a surprise somewhere right around the corner here.

So oh wait: sl 60! Oh, my goodness! Gracious! This is sick. These are really cool too wow. These two old benzes be still my heart, a little dusty, a little dirty but still super sick. Obviously you want the sl70 or the sl73.

The 7.3 liter v12 same engine block same displacement as the uh zonda engine, but this we will take all day slammed nation air suspension. Failure to the maximum on this range rover has even got the footsteps. Just what happened? Jeez. Louise, that's no bueno hate to see it guys we got to do an entire series of the abandoned supercars around dubai and the middle east obviously, is the autobiography ultimate edition.

Ladies and gentlemen, indy and stefan gloves ferrari gloves, it says to eat the wings yeah getting your hands dirty. Yeah. Give me give me a pair boys. Let me look at the crap.

Oh get. Give me a pair. Give me a pair. Let's go give me a pair, oh my gosh.

This might be a really good idea, though g wagon g wagon g-wagon, oh g-wagon, this place is an absolute disaster. I think it was the four seasons hotel. The only good thing here is a bmw i8 right over there geez louise. This is a hot mess check out this insane wendy's, it's a two-story, the nicest one i've ever seen in my life.

Look at that didn't say: it's got a drive-through too! Oh right here. Right here right here is this: a two-door range rover svr. I can't tell it's got two: that's insane yeah. It has no door handle they're, trying to emulate the japanese 50th anniversary, roadster editions that are exclusive to japan.

It had the five elements i think there's water, uh fire wind, something something and something else anyways there. You guys have it. It looks okay, but the fade is completely wrong. But i'll say one thing, good effort, good, sir good effort come again.

Try again no dice. Currently, here at the dubizzle mall doing a loop land truck lamp truck, nothing too crazy, yet land trucks on land trucks right now we're going to do a full loop around here and see what we see on this friday night. Oh, oh, oh presidential, presidential! We got the big guy to get the bugatti there's an old white guy. It's crazy! I don't think so.

But if you just like stop right here, i want to get out the window that was hilarious literally. We definitely manifested that bugatti spot look at that land cruiser. It was weird look at that color, that's insane, definitely not stock. We just went through another garage to a hotel lobby to use the restroom then got lost.

We have no idea where we're at, but the silver lining is this. We found a c63 black series without the arrow kit, but we still lost as f there. You go upon upon further review. It looks like we made the right choice because we found a weaseman and a gt4 under the cover here wow, i guess uh.

It took an unexpected turn and it worked out for the best. So if you need to take a leak at a random hotel lobby and you get lost, always check the car parks guys, i i hate to admit this, but i really don't know a single thing about these cars that makes two of us that makes two of Us potentially three of us whoops, sorry guys e-500 final year that they made this particular car nice. This is where the mill amelia 1000 is going to start. Look at the old bench right there, yeah right there.

I don't know i'm really bad and then we got a disco light. Oh, it's got a spoon on the back, got a disco light car carrier just chilling over here. Look at that. That is actually insane watch out.

Watch out watch out, epic, that is pretty damn. Epic, a lot of these things were not here three to four years ago. The entire landscape has completely changed. I'm disoriented.

I have no idea where we're at currently here somewhere in dubai, doing a little bit of garage spotting. Now. You guys know me on this channel. We love a good, oh veyron, right there hold on.

No, that's not a that's, not a that's, not even a g weapon. That was a suzuki chimney. All right, we just saw veyron, we got exclusive as well. No one cares about that check out the suzuki chimney in china blue.

We got the nocturnal nocturne special edition, not bad, not bad. Always like the polished chrome on these bugatti veyrons nocturne edition. That's insane got ta love. It really cool check out the interior on the headrest.

It says knock them as well suzuki chimney in china, blue bravos. That's it! Let's hop back in boys, pretty crazy combo, pure sport with the bugatti devo and the monza sb2. Unsure of what this particular color code is, if you know, let me know in the comments below hats off to the gentleman who doesn't even put the top on that is the sign of a baller crazy out of these three cars here. Would he take the devo? The pure sport or the monza, pure sport, and he's going to the pier sport.

Stefan, what are you going with now boy peer sport, pure sport? I, like the devil man, i like the devil, but the pure sport spec is nicer. This is the launch spec for the devil, but the pure sport. Spec is definitely a lot nicer. Tough decisions, tough decisions that the rear lights right here check that out they're all like individual leds.

They do remind me of the aston martin vulcan. That's the only reason why i might potentially choose this over the other uh bugatti, but how many bugattis have we seen today? I can't even keep count too many crazy there. She is pure sport boom and then.

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