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Current here at the usual spot the intersection of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way A clear bird's eye view of everything. and what is this guy scampering around? What? oh where are you going? Where are you going? That was totally unplanned, but we got Mr sheep over here we get. we're watching car spotting videos while car spun and we got Mr mini sheep over there. Oh hello.

Yep. uh. seafoam blue or green on the Trap truck. it's hard to see.

Hold on a second, that's there you go. Oh I Kind of like that man. you better run, better run. What has transpired here with this lady's Huracan flat tire locked in? I Can't tell.

This is something that requires further investigation. Oh, it wasn't taping up. Dude. S63 Cabriolet You got a stalk of Benador across.

You got an orange event over here. You got the Huracan spider and the Aventador SV all rolling out together. Oh yeah, that's not getting Chad Yes sir. Oh look at those guys to do you already know good.

Oh oh oh wait. what this guy doing oh part of it. oh my gosh. Foreign.

I think it is trapped out map like F12 dude on a Florida plane I Like that everybody. let's go. come on now. All right, that's a rare specs.

It's pretty loud. there seems to be one of those days we got trapped out eventadors left and right. Look at this. Oh Roadster too.

Oh, pass the camera off a little bit. Got the GT3 as well. That is a pretty interesting looking Maybach truck over there two-tone with the camel wrap. I mean what do you guys think? Is that a yay or an A Mr sheep thoughts: Chris he's got Ukraine over it I stand with Ukraine next to the Easter Not sure if you parked there, but it looks like someone got a little scrapey scrape or is that from a previous accident I Have no idea.

But anyways, check out the new GT3 a custom. Maybe it's an R1 Motorsport exhaust I'm not sure. Yeah. Oh wow.

Four cars Collision What is going on over here? Oh geez, these might not be super cars, but check out the Audi A5 color. Yup, and just two cars ahead. It's the same color on the Q5 only in Los Angeles Man, that sucks. Dude parked illegally.

After a certain time you get your ass towed. Dude, this bad guy's a maniac. The smoothest operated in 90210 right there. Are you kidding me with a carbon fiber 4 GT yo.

that's crazy. What are you smoking over there dude? The greatest villain of all time. Vlad Putin All right, take care brother. Yes, let's go dogs.

Yeah, we got a husky a German Shepherd There's a lot going on. There's a man in purple sweats and a Doink gold wheels. Hold on. Let's get it.

Let's get it. Oh hell yeah, that's sick. Candy apple green dude. Oh oh oh I don't know.

They've been hovering for quite some time. Not sure what's going on. Luckily we got greedy doggo hello Sam What's up Hey Buddy! Oh man. what else can be said about the model X with the Velvet wrap in front of us? What do you do when it rains? Well, every two weeks you have these protesters, uh, basically Mad Dog in a specific store because they sell a product that they use.

it has animal fur. So the Animal For Activists come here and basically shut down this particular store. and uh, you know, given how loud they are I think I mean what do you think about 40 like I think this car is a little. it's a little throaty at times.

Maybe they should get a taste of their own medicine I don't know I say we? I say we clean out the pipes a bit. but listen I I think uh I mean just listen to that. That's crazy a little something. Love the outfits.

The outfits are very colorful and a lot of flowers. A bunch of future babushkas, Babushkas! the NPCs of Rodeo Drive of Beverly Hills never ceases to amaze me. I Love it. hold on a second.

Yup, can you, uh, just get a little? Mr I'm gonna pass the torch on over to Mr Val 40 here now. Her hair is fantastic! Louis Vuitton Collaborated with the Nazis in 1940 Paris reparations for the Jewish people Louis Vuitton collaborated with the Nazis and if never apologized or pay compensation Prophet Louis Vuitton Collaborated with the Nazi yes Sir in the game baby. Yes sir. So what's up? What's that filming? Oh hell yeah! In the Buick and the Buick must be a music video The Low Rider Hit those switches like Denzel in Training Day baby Yeah! What is going on over here? Talk to me guys.

What happened sir? What's up man, How's it going Dude? Yes sir. stay graph like I Don't know. like going on here. It's chirping somebody? What? lady littered? allegedly? no way.

and that cop just reeled her into the scene. Are you kidding me? Hold her. Come here filming a music video out of these Beautiful! He's buying an X5 with his Jewel money. Yo this guy is.

he's on a high right now. He's got the jewel money he's about to buy an X5 All right, Jesus Back to the 360 over here. What an amazing color. It's a dark red.

listen Ferrari Fanatics And people who are just a lot smarter than me let me know what color this is. Damn yes sir, Thanks man. I Appreciate it. Yes sir, thank you Hospital Heart is still on for us people filming music videos baby.

No alligator NPC Nation Where the starter packed Tesla Model 3 wrap. Yes it is. That's crazy I've never seen that before. Worst ass back we're calling your name Illuminati One here we go.

we're going to pass it off. Is that a It's like the ground goblet? Yep. Right in front of the brand new Chanel store. A little photo shoot happen in here.

so I did mention that they demolished this entire store and built this. Abomination uh this this I don't know. this modernistic, post-modernist post-modernistic just soulless bathroom, tile, mirror building. yeah I mean there's just not a lot of Windows and it just doesn't look good.

It doesn't really go with the flow of all the other stores here, but I'm not an architect so what do I know. just digging a hole, do a little demolition prepping the house but we think something actually happened. but I don't know. All I know is this is a guy sat down next to the chimney.

He's just chilling. Try this house apart. look at the sauce. Will we buy any sauce in this house? I do not know.

It's like normally the normally. The protocol is this is where they bubble the house. Oh yeah yeah in Beverly Hills that is not a Range Rover Honda Accord Honda Civic Range Rover Yes sir, that's what we're talking about. It's paying me.

Doc yeah on the oh is it Azure or what is this? Yeah, it's probably like 304. the duck on it. pink baby rubber ducky. that's wild I've never seen that before.

Dude, that guy's just me. Ducky.

By effspot

15 thoughts on “Endless chaos with the bizarre npcs of beverly hills”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fred says:

    At least 75% of those appearing in this video has serious mental health issues, the rest should be locked up for life!
    It's pretty bad…

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars User2749 says:

    LA is literally a shit dump

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars vxrzxy says:

    LMAOOO i was just watching the video not knowing stradman was in it then i see stradman and im like when the hell did he get there

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kerb_appeal says:

    Last car was a Bentley Brooklands, only 425 built

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 55ONE Sean says:

    Yo you spotted @kiefer_d on the e-board! Best damn car videographer our there!

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Nathan says:

    I feel bad for the people who work on Beverly Hills,hearing people screaming and protesting all day.
    Bruh XDD

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TippyLosOjos says:

    LA is a weird place and I don’t want to ever go back

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars JDM_jars says:


  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars INTRUDX Gaming says:


  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Schneider says:

    Doesnt even mention Stradman in the vehicle.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Schneider says:

    Ahhh, the LA life , posers and fakers.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Roy R says:

    Gta5 nailed it.

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars _Tipi says:

    Strad caught me off guard in the weed guy clip lol

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars P40 says:

    Lmao this is literally gta v in real life

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel toney says:

    James and Sophia just chilling in the jungle.

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