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Now boy, yeah, Yes sir, What's up? How much are charging? Oh lean E30 goodness, that's sick. We got Mr l40 Mickey Viper behind us and that is the hotel. the Sofitel Hotel where the vector was a few weeks ago. but that being said, Off to the Races and off to Beverly Hills Dang that looks good.

Matching shirt, matching paint, no plated 300 SL Roadster that's a Vibe right there. Oh my. God that's pretty sick from Canada You don't want to be driving on those metal plates. Those metal plates are absolutely killer on a car like that, sir.

please take my Lane I Don't want to be driving on those metal plates sir. Hold on a second, Ladies and gentlemen, is that at F40 Oh, we got the leapers there. Yeah, Yes sir, Yes sir. Let's go baby.

Let's go. That's a good leap. It is a 300. It's got 6.3 liter AMG badge on the side too.

No way. Hold on a second. Oh yeah, this is not a C6 what 6.3 badge. Oh come on, what are we doing over here? What? Oh no.

Not like this dude. Not like this. Damn. Yup, it went full full gazing on this dude.

Damn Fugazi cars of Beverly Hills You hate to see it around. Check things out and there's a trailer right over there. Hold on I'm gonna zoom in. The gentleman said we can't film or take photos of it.

There's a 550 spider there. We're not sure if it's real but he said there's an NDA that he signed and that he can't allow photos of it to be uh posted online. But anyways, there it is. Let me zoom in right there if you're gonna load up cars in the middle of the street using like some dead ass beat.

Circuit City 18 wheeler transport truck that's from like the 90s I Mean maybe you should choose your her Transportation More wisely good sir. He signed an NDA stating that you know photos can be taken to the car but you're on public streets loading up a car we're on Olympic and we're on Olympic and uh, what is this cottoner right here? right next to the 405. what do you think is going to happen? Bro, This might be the first Gt4s that we've seen on the road here. What kind of? New Hampshire Plates do? What do you guys think about the color and the spec on this car? Honestly, it's not bad now.

Unfortunately, you know what they say about Land Rovers Hate to see it when an old car breaks down. Damn. Wait for it. Wait for it.

Wait for it. Wait for oh yes, the gold wheels on the white land truck. A classic Trapper spec G650 4x4 Lawndale with a V12 engine. Look at that color, it's like a tea or a green.

Got the carbon fiber fenders over here. Top is up 1.5 million dollars MSRP Limited 99 units. We've seen this guy running around quite often in Beverly Hills But man those wheels are sick. Tiny brake calipers.

but the color oh got the Maybach symbol right over there. V12 by Turbo 4x4 lawn Delay. What an absolute unit. Sick color too.

Good spot. Check out the plate. the Kansas play on the AMG GT it just says paid. Oh man.

now check out this trapped out Durango Hellcat And we got a singer hiding behind this G-Wagon and his rolly over here. One second, let's take a quick look over here. Oh oh, look at the interior that's crazy blue and yellow. Wow Puerto Rico No way.

Durango Hellcat on 4GS Dude dang, what is this uh, wide body situation going on over here. Is that like an aftermarket body kit on it? like the the wide fenders? I Don't know what is this thing. Jeez. Good combo at the Beverly Hills Hotel Very period correct as well.

Paintwork on this green one is sick. An interior Wow. Incredible. Yeah, totally geeking out on non-red Ferraris Always a good time.

You're on camera now. Mr Ninos think that is a three. well no, he knows it's a 330 GTS 330 GTS All right, we were close. a 330 GT 2x2.

I Think the GTS is the drop top convertible variant. Good colors all around. No resell Ronnie Red here at the Beverly Hills Hotel Oh my God Oh Jesus Santa Dude Influencers in the Wild We're currently here at the cross streets of Rodeo Drive and Dayton Way. This lady set up a uh what? it is like a little tripoff of the tick tocks.

We got the B-roll with this lady in pink over here. Then we got the man exercising all the way down there. There's a lot of influencing Happening Here Of course you got Mr sheep just surveying his kingdom. Here we go.

All right. We got influencers up the Wazoo over here. but check this out AMG GTR Black Series and orange. Not bad.

What's funny is those used to have a was it a hundred or is a 200 000 over sticker on those cars? Now they're going for under retail so the market has definitely corrected. Rockets Crew over here. Oh a Mustang Goddamn Spider monkey pose. What in the world you guys see that? Yeah, that's Spider-Man pose.

Dude, the influencers are out right? Mr Sheep right? versus Lago Where's it at? Oh oh, what is that first? Gen two David Balenciaga Front and sander worthy Pita protesters Yes. gray plate on the Tesla stupid gas Mr Chrome That's it. Yeah. Model S Tim in the blue right there.

Zoom in on that. Thanks guys. Try to offer this one. Yeah, that is him.

You're right. Where are they going Dude, Little Mastros, forget Conor McGregor for a second check out this. Doge Over here little celebrity spotting Amanda Nixon Mr Eddie over here. Dang ego I Eddie Boy I Would never know.

Oh look at this floof. Look at this floof. Real treat. And from the Wilshire it's an F40 right over here.

Look at that. Hold on a second here. Yeah. sick F40 trap truck and of course the 458 Spider Oh my Lord in the hurricane Coupe Is it an evil sir? Oh oh, he's going for another loop.

Yeah. Foreign. Oh my gosh. Oh these guys are like who are these guys over here yo? this guy's Walling out dude I Kind of love it.

Respect. You're hypnotized by this this figure over here. The Louis Vuitton display on Rodeo Look at this honey. you sure as hell don't get this in.

Ohio No sir, no you don't. It seems like all the 4S's just got delivered. We got another one on the road. a black one, a little criminal spec over there stealth package.

Check this out! We got a McLaren Elva being parked up here at the Sunset Towers Oh damn um it's not my car. Check this out. so those are candy red here and a Fades into darker red Carbon on the back here. It's hard to pick up in the night time, but man, that's sick Claire and Elva he saw it on the other side of sunset with U-turn and now it's here at the Sunset Towers and the passenger and the driver were both wearing matching helmets right over there in the passenger seat.

Damn it Sick. Yes! Color matching Wheels on the three engine SL on Arizona plates. it's like a uh, grayish grayish blue. Dang.

Just when we thought it was going to be dead. Oh yeah, that's so sick. Damn yes it's like open heart surgery. You got to be very delicate.

You got to have like you don't like those people who have like shaky hands. You know they can't be surgeons. You gotta have steady hands on this one. That's right.

We're uh, so we call this the graveyard of Diet Cokes die Dr Peppers died seven, UPS so on and so forth. Anything and everything. as long as it don't have sugar in it. That's right.

So we started with as we call it the First Dimension and this wraps around. By the way, gentlemen, this wraps around. Look at that that is that is not just one layer over there. this is 3D So we are currently on the ninth.

Uh, a story or Dimension Oh, you best be careful over there now. Oh my goodness, that is crazy. And of course we're going 3D baby, we're going 3D Watch this. Oh.

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