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American cops hate, supercars, compilations, inspection, asap, oh no way the guy behind us got pulled over hold on a second, no way that could have been us no slow down slow down. Oh this spot might possibly be burned. Hold on wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait: whoa! Oh there he is jesus, oh my god! Oh my god! Oh he's going back. Oh this guy is doing some aggressive moves.

You can't see it, but this guy is zigzagging all over the place. Oh, oh, oh he's, yo whoa, whoa whoa, all right. A little bit wait. What should i just hunk? Are you serious? No, no way that was so wank bro, oh man, the violation, the scene 30 seconds at all? Oh, not even on a good day, oh yeah, oh yeah, junior police officer, you watch for this cop.

I don't trust this guy, i mean, let's just let's just holy, you wait. What's this car doing what the hell? What what do you guys want? Okay, no, what the the other cops just cut you off! Yeah! Let him pull up next to you! No, i got scared because you pulled up right. You did a u-turn. I thought you needed help stop for a while: hey hey, i'm i'm a resident around here and i'm and i know so that's why i'm just trying to get home wait what because he cut him off yeah, wait he, but he didn't cut him off.

What max is saying is i mean, come on. Look at this. We got lucky, you got lucky stars tonight, oh i don't give a dude, i don't really. I don't know i literally give zero.

He was a little annoyed that we that we pulled over. We pulled out in front of him well like it wasn't, even that bad yeah it wasn't. Let's do it. I saw you in my rear view.

You did it was he it was so slow. He literally laid it up before you even pulled out yeah dude. He saw you guys pull out and he saw me pull out. It was like he was like.

I got, ta get somebody i'm just so glad it was a warning. Ask me how fast i've bought in the car and i'm like well on the racetrack he's trying to get you boy. I don't know man, oh no he's thinking about it, four sears in trouble. Oh he's you turning he's you turning.

He was undercover, that's pretty sick! It's like an electric uh go-kart bronco. Oh no. What did he pull over this golf cart right over here. Hold on wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! I don't know man! No, who is he getting? No, oh! No! The ferrari! The porsche he's gon na have to call but ticket dismissers.

You know i'm saying a little little plug right. There shout out to ticket shout out to ticket dismissers. This man needs your service, the parking lot. We want you to get in your car and leave the parking lot guys thank this guy in the bmw pulled over to say hi to us, so he loved the channel and then did a pull.

And now this cop just nailed him ticket dismissers. This man needs your service. Oh no, he's pulling him over. What happened? What happened? I don't know, do you want to pull over right with us? Yeah yeah uh, like five months five months yeah, it looks nice bro.

Oh thanks man. I like the color scheme. Oh thanks, man appreciate it yeah yeah, absolutely yeah. The white ones are pretty rare, so yeah yeah, especially because they don't make guyardos anymore.
So no, you don't see these anymore wait. What year is this? It's a 0808? Yes, sir. That's nice thanks man yeah! Absolutely. How did she run? Oh, we just got it back from the shop and we just put in a new exhaust and everything so got all the plates and everything so we're ready to roll, absolutely yeah, but yeah man.

I got a mustang gt. I just bought. Oh really, nice, that was my dream muscle car. So v8 v8.

There you go awesome dude there you go exhaust on it, the thing's nice. That's awesome, man, congrats yeah, so that's cool! That about! Does you any questions for me? Uh? No, sir. Okay, all right! Thanks a lot man, so yeah, let's go straight home. Okay, you got it.

Thank you. Thank you. All right guys take care all right have a good night. Oh no! Oh! Oh! No! No! The sheriff! No go away! No! What this guy is! It's not even wait.

Uh they stopped one guy i mean. Apparently, someone stole a car hit two or three other cars barricaded himself and now there's an entire swat team and he's been sat in his car for, like the past three or four hours, cops like crazy right right here. Oh, this cob is like i'm gon na pull this guy over about back. Oh there's, another one, los angeles, be still my heart.

Here they come. Oh, i think the party might be over. I don't know, oh my gosh a familiar sight and a familiar story. Will they disperse the crowd this time? Okay, a little hurricane uh? Oh, that's a timeout right there! Damn! Oh american cops.

Do hate super cars. Yes, one of the biggest most successful compilation on the f spot channel. Let's turn around have a little look-see. Well there.

He is that sucks hate to see it, but does make for a pretty nice thumbnail. American cops hate, supercars compilation, part five baby. Let's go 2021 edition. I hate to see it.

No, no dice! Today! No luck! No luck! Oh! No! Oh! No! What wait hold on a second? No way you got to be kidding me. You guys got to hustle back to your cars. Oh this guy's jumping out the car. What's wrong with mclaren good.

No, no man you're getting a free play, you're good enough! Everybody! It's just luck of the draw man. You know it's just luck of the draw. What are you gon na? Do? Oh, my goodness, guys 2021 we're off to an amazing start here. Something has gone down here at the gas station or is around the block.

The helicopter and everything - oh my gosh, that was literally 20 cops now the fire trucks have arrived. 2021 is off to an amazing start. Ladies and gentlemen, wow. Oh, this is going to be good hello.

I'm officer torres only pity valley traffic division. The reason i'm stopping you is because of your exhaust. Also, you had your phone in your hand. While you were exiting the freeway you were driving at the time.
I could see the glow you were lifting it up. I'm gon na have you pop the hood step on out and open it up for me for an inspection, okay, sure it's gon na be pretty good all right, so you are getting a citation for one, the loud exhaust if you'd like to go to court and Talk to them, you can absolutely and uh the last one the exhaust in order to get it looked at and fixed. You have to call that number there, 800-622-7733 okay and get it inspected. Okay, get it certified.

Okay, we're gon na get this sorted out. Take it dismissers, we need your help. Sometimes you just hate to see it. The no plate ticket on the rolls on the 4g yaddos.

Those are not forgiato's. 20. 21 baby. No someone got nailed over there.

Let's try out this, so we're optical zoom. Now we're entering the digital zoom yeah. I think i got f in the a oh. They definitely got a real call that guy just walked out whoa this guy, better watch out.

Don't watch out now brother whoa horses out not really sure what's going on here, but apparently the guy assaulted someone or there is some sort of commotion at a dispensary up there. Let's do a little zoom in boom. This guy's tripping out man. Nobody get out of the car, you got it grab your license: registration insurance, yeah one! Second, let me put this uh parking brake down.

Okay, bring your registration insurance with you. Yes, sir! Okay, this car, i guess, is famous, i guess - on youtube. Yeah interlace, your fingers together separate your feet, so gordon does a little pull and he probably pulled like up to like 80 miles an hour and i guess at the same time, the fan in the other car was like going the same speed as us. Oh, they thought he was street racing and like an arrested vote for them.

What yeah, like the cop just randomly, showed up in the parking lot. It was so weird like out of nowhere and then yeah gordon was just like sitting in the back of the patrol car and absolutely all right have a good night guys. Thank you all right, fun, sweet guys, so we're your legal guardians you just got released. I cannot even believe what just happened.

What in the arrested me? Well we're just sitting here in the parking lot the cop shows up. I know no idea, it looked like a setup. How did you find us? They were taking me to county five miles down that way right and you just look over and see it? No! No! No! So he goes okay! Well, i'm gon na i'm gon na quiz. You, whose car is that right there he points to your six places, i'm like that's james.

He goes all right who built it. I'm like taught agility to us, wait seriously, i'm not even joking. So he goes all right. We're gon na pull up and he goes well.

How do you know him goes i go well, i have his hotel key card in here. I checked in for you right for you guys, i'm gon na release the hotel key card to james and then we're going to be on our way to go to county. We go all the way in where they pull in the uh chp cruisers, where, like they're going to book me and everything, and i swear the last one, he goes, you know what i'm just going to release you and i was like what are you kidding me When i gave the key card to you, he thought i was like i thought was lying. He goes.
Oh, you got some streak right now. You know you know strand man. I was like okay yeah and then think about the chances of what just happened there. We literally picked this parking lot out of randomness complete randomness, what's going on here, we're just unloading because we don't know where to unload.

We just like todd just pulled in this parking lot, randomly yeah to unload for no reason - and he said you guys had like some airbnb issues or something yeah, so they showed up to the airbnb and there's no furniture inside look at my wrists. You could see that oh geez, thank you. No, i cuffed you that was a handcuff for, like an hour and a half i was going to go to the county jail. We thought i mean because the cop car rolls up right and he's just like we're.

Gon na make this quick someone's going to jail. We have a room card yep from gordon, and i like i'm like over in the gladiator like whatever yeah, and i would like walk up, and i was like dude yeah. Wait what and then he just point the flashlight at you wait, who is it wait what's going on, so it looks like one of the police officers hit that rav4 over there. There are two m4s going north fuckboying around one of the officers tried to go around him and u-turn that way hit him clipped him.

Now the car is messed up and now an svj just pulled up and is picking him up. I guess tell me: what's what's going through your mind right now, that's a flex! I got hit by beverly hill. Let me take this off. He got hit by everybody else.

Yes, sir. Yes, sir 2006, poor runner he's like i'm waiting for some of my ride. To come, pick me up: we heard that all of a sudden, an svj in a black year is pull up and he goes that's my ride and the copses were like all right. This situation has changed completely this guy's connected, and here we are here.

We are, we came to see you, we love you there's nothing to do. We won't do anything. People are idiots, that's that's their thing. You know i can't afford a car.

Oh my goodness, all right here we go ice gas. Yes, sir. Yes, sir uh, this car show right around the corner. Apparently so there's a car show at uh, balsa off bosa or something like that.

Bulsa yeah, i'm not sure, not sure yeah. My car show you're talking about like where people do donuts and all that illegal stuff. No, it's like a uh parking show apparently park and shell, usually parking, shows, aren't very chill because we're out there all the time oh yeah, yeah yeah, we just heard about it, we're going also, oh nice, all right. It's a drink tonight! Uh! No, sir.
Last time you had something to drink, i don't drink at all, no sir, all right just stay in the car cool. Actually, i've been on waves too. He was nowhere on ways really yeah bizarre, don't mind good sir! Well, ladies and gentlemen, i have no idea what has transpired here literally took the car out the first time in a couple weeks and boom got hit with something whatever it is. We got the construction workers over there just observing and wondering what the hell has happened.

We're going to the street racing or the the park and chill i'm just letting you know, there's gon na be a bunch of us out there. So gotcha, it's up to you! Yeah yeah you're gon na have other officers out there and they may pull you over again for okay, whatever reason: no okay, bye.

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