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So we've had some complaints on the channel that we don't feature the S600, the Bosezoka car and of course the Super Legera Enough on the channel. So without further ado, oh oh no, you gotta be kidding me. Plan B We gotta jump start this thing on enough juice, not enough juice. We are good.

Let's get out of here. We'll sort this out later. Thank you. Making arms are going off Oh gosh, Oh Lord We gotta get out of here.

Oh my goodness we're alive baby! That's so sick with a 2008 Dodge Viper ACR Mr sheep Mr Minis Chief We're locked and loaded baby 2008 rope was crashing, The cars were sweet. That's right. Oh man. Unbeatable dude.

Check this out. the boys are out. Oh I Smell that gasoline baby. It's gonna be back in the Super legere.

Just listen to this. Hold on. Listen to this. You gotta be kidding me.

No way are you guys seeing this. We might have to park up and check it out. We might have to park and check it out. Oh what? Yeah, this is gotta be the weirdest thing I've seen here on Rodeo Drive Oh my.

God Who's the DJ dude? All right? No, we've been filming on the phone quite a bit. We've got an A12 competition It's gotta be the first one. Dealer plates La Ferrari Coupe Pure Sport that is a six-pack Dane nor Cowboys are back Mr FJ Miller The crew and of course Sami Shiron as well gave me a ride in the Pure Sport. one more angle.

That is a sick angle. Hold on F1 Edition Vantage In a beautiful green with a massive massive spoiler over here. F1 Safety. We've got an Ultimate Coupe over here.

look at that in green. Not a bad comeback here for. Beverly Hills Anyways, onwards and upwards. let's keep on moving the debris on the ground here.

What the heck? What a mess. Absolute mess. What kind of could accident happen here? Good. God Almighty.

You guys got to be kidding me One day back in. Los Angeles we're on the iPhone I Keep saying this. but I don't have time to get my camera out. Massive accident Bree All over the road.

Jeez man. you guys gotta be careful yo look at this homeboy on the couch just chilling with the radio on. Hold on. Hold on we got.

we gotta pull up on this guy. Yes sir. I'll let this guy go. Let this guy go.

hold on a second. No way. that's sick. Oh dude, that's the way to do it baby.

I Literally can't anymore. What is that? It's like a ski mask, right? It's like a full on outfit. Yeah, dude. we literally just parked the rental car there and it's getting in the way of everyone's shots here.

I Think they're probably just gonna move down because it's in frame. Sorry guys, get that LinkedIn photo bro in front of the Beverly Hills Hotel Yes sir indeed. Oh, it's got pink calibers too. They went all in on the pink.

You gotta respect that every single time. Dude, the fox body is pretty clean. Not gonna yeah. Nice man.

Six by six, matte black within clay soy 31. Hold on. Oh me. but oh my goodness they've got the light out The Fill flashlight.

Are you kidding me in front of the Beverly Wilshire Yes dude. that's hilarious. Nice dogs too. Influencers in the wild? that's Am I right? You guys are just trying to check out the show sir.

He's trying to check out the smoke show or the pink show. currently here doing a little license plate spawn right next to this nice little fire truck. But check this out on the Cadillac SRX 4 ear popper. I Mean maybe he's a musician.

Maybe he's a musician he's trying to. one would hope I Don't know. We gotta get this guy up in here. Dude.

you guys had to see this guy's Shades Dude this guy is unreal. We got a tourist. they love it. Dude, they love it.

Hold on. they love it. Yeah. Sleep it.

Leap it baby. Yes. yes. Oh we got the lamb truck too.

We got the lamb truck get Chad my hero nice dude Stone Cold Killer face bro. of course a Prius is blocking Mr gigachad in the Aventador last night we saw him was at the Peterson I believe it was in a Huracan or a hurricane for Fermante but a alas so long to get Chad so long your day Was good. What's up man, yes sir, let's go. Oh there's the SV SB coming hot Gibson film called The Road Warrior the second in the Mad Max film installments character name in Madden XT that bill 40 got.

let's go to the images. Exactly it right there. Mad Max 2 load Humongous. Oh okay.

cool man. my friend. All right. this is Gold Wheels sin protest going on here.

We got the six by six. Oh yeah, Chrome Gold Wheels for the Hres blue calipers. He's got the Phillip line rap. They've literally just left this car on and they're trying to reason what the protest is over there but to no avail.

Welcome to Beverly Hills Her dream is over. Gentlemen, respect to the person not only driving the McLaren SLR but putting hres aftermarket wheels on them. You got the cops over there. We got an F40 over here and a 4G team.

Oh man yo. that guy just dumped his scooter for the leap. Still a blind event. You got Peter protesters.

You got a matte black uh lamb truck. Yeah cops, You got an F40 and a Ford GT that just drove past. Will they make a sale? Uh, looks like a hard no in the G-o-e 53 should have gone to 63. Yes, winning is winning baby.

You got the two cannons. We got the matte black land truck. What's going on anymore? Yes, a little burnout. Oh burnout on the Can-Am on the trike going dude.

how's it going boys? All right, take care boys. that was that. A second gentleman. Oh my goodness, that's pretty nice.

GT500 Oh my. God Nifty Tundra on Rodeo Drive You don't see that every day it goes. Oh no, the van's blocking us. Oh yeah, cops can't really do much other than circle around and wait for these guys to leave.

Arizona Played at Beamer What in the good Lord's name has? How did this come to be? How do you get I Don't know man, this this is Beverly Hills Why is your car being searched on a Sunday afternoon at 6 50 P.m Bringing back the Leap 2023 baby. One car at a time. one spot at a time. one city and one country at a time? Here we go and there it is.

Right over there there she is. the Vector W8 Twin Turboed V8 Six cylinder Three Speed Automatic supposedly hits a top speed up 2 42 miles an hour. Now, whether or not that's true or not, no one's ever done a top speed run on this car. but that being said, we've never seen one in this particular color.

We've seen a silver one that always runs around. Beverly Hills in Los Angeles There's like a tier one that's a prototype, but this is the W8 They mean 17 or 19 of these. Not really sure how many horsepower, but uh yeah. Three Speed Automatic supposedly hits 242 miles top speed, but like I said, no one's ever done it.

I Don't think anyone ever will and is made out of mainly carbon fiber and Kevlar components. Check out the interior as well. Hold on a second. Definitely looks like a lazy boy chair for sure.

A lot a lot of buttons in there too. Hold on, let's zoom in. It's always a pleasure to see one actually driving on the streets. What a gangster dude.

What a boss. All right. Another show stack Quirk right here on the vector. Check out the uh, dual wipers on a single blade.

Look at that. So it looks like the valet didn't really know what this is and they deemed it as a Lamborghini All right, we're back at the underground storage facility. This guy's got these cars over here Usual Suspects But we got some military vehicles you've never seen before. What is this? Um yeah.

I'm not quite sure what to say. It's it's. got these kind of plates on where these are from. Wait that that's a away just a minute.

now that's not a symbol. Oh, we're getting demonetized now. Boy, no way. dude.

The hidden Nazi mobiles of Los Angeles But it's not paper either. Is it not? What? Wait, Oh my goodness. Well boys and girls. Um yeah.

I don't know that's a real plate or not, but I'm guessing it's German If I had to make an educated guess, these two are definitely German cars. Um yeah if you guys have any information. If you guys have any information on these two Military historical Vehicles Parked down here in some unknown undisclosed location. please let us know and what in the world is going on here? You gotta be kidding me.

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15 thoughts on “Back to chaotic beverly hills: supercars, influencers cops”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kent Beitel says:

    Did he say the w8 was a twin turbo v8 six cylinder? 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SVPSkins says:

    The German Army vehicle is a 1943 Volkswagen Type 166 Schwimmwagen. Can drive in deep Water. Powered by a air cool 1200cc 25bhp engine.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars agrippa1234 says:

    Mr. Quost hit it on the head, an amphibious version of the Kubelwagon(sp), the German WWII Jeep which was made and sold in the US decades later as the Volkswagon "Thing"……..

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rockatha says:

    That German car is a Volkswagen Schwimmwagen. Its an amphibious version of the 166 built by Germany in ww2.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Koji Takata says:

    Owner of the SLR with HRE’s is the same guy who owns the G65 6×6.

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Key says:

    the us isn't a real country

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars m.fanelli says:

    What is a twin turbo V8 6 cylinder ??

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars s13nate says:

    You are the best man love these videos

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kreamstone says:

    that german military ride on the left is a Schwimmwagen. Amphibious Vehicle

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Zaiyas says:

    Those protesters make me wanna rent a Uhaul moving truck and just send it down the sidewalk at 60 lmfao

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jamie CC says:

    W8, V8, 6 cylinder 🧐

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vladimir Noviy says:

    Who the dj?))

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Driving says:

    ferrari f40 looking better with time everytime

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars matt hayward says:

    Best video in ages. Great work

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Steven C says:

    Get rid of that mole on your eyebrow mate, you'll be left with a small scar. Girls like scars.

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