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Well guys, the couch is still unused unloved and still broken, but good news. We got the new couch here, still unassembled. Many thanks to anthony unofficial mr anthony's garage he's been kind enough to give me his extra couch from his los angeles house. So we're going to put that together sometime in the near future, when i decide i'm not lazy enough, but he's also giving me these six black chairs boom by the boom boom and, of course, the two bar stool uh thingies that i never use but we're gon Na kick off today's video, pretty strong with another 118 model car from hot wheels elite.

This is a 118 scale. Ferrari. 599 gto, the michael mann edition the car is a stunning dark purple with the gold wheels and it is owned by michael mann. The director and i actually saw him and the car in person six years ago in beverly hills at a restaurant.

I think it was off beverly boulevard or one of those. I can't really remember, but i walked right past him because i'm terrible with recognizing faces. I didn't know who he was what the car was. I saw i liked it took a few photos of it and, as i walked past him, he asked me.

Do you like the car - and i said yes and then he proceeded to get in it and drove off so absolute baller, really nice guy, but man, one of the best. Looking 599 gtos, i put out an instagram story about a week ago, asking you guys you have seen any abandoned cars all over socal. I got some pretty good responses and some solid information we're gon na go check up on that for the time being, we're gon na get our gear. The backpack we're gon na put these away for now boom and we're gon na roll out in the toyota prius.

If you guys have ever seen my tokyo underground garage spotting videos, this might look very or eerily similar to you, i'm currently at an undisclosed location, again we're doing an entire video on either abandoned or hidden supercars of los angeles, and i'm telling you this is insane. Look, there's just boxes everywhere and check this out. Oh that's, six. M6 dude hold on a second, we got ta.

We got ta park up and really explore here. I'm the only person here i did an entire loop of the entire garage already and let me assure you this is honestly a little weird have not seen a single person in, like the past 10 minutes low riders right there, too, look at that low rider for The plate whoa very clean, very clean, not sure. What's underneath the tarps there, i'm not even sure where to begin, but we got this thing right here to my right. Look at this old maserati all dusted up new york plates chevy.

I don't know what those two are on: the nr man old, camaro, more stuff to the right here. Look at that clean, bmw, m6 wow hold on a second. I am genuinely shocked right now. Look at these colors in my porsches dude.

This is so weird. There is literally nobody here, got the good old chevys nice little honda. What's underneath there sos, maybe old, benz, oh mustang, with a bad boy, hot rod, something pink underneath. Oh look at that bends, whoa appeared correct.

Look at that! Color paint quality 10 out of 10. The chrome man, the amg period, correct wheels tire looks a little flat wow. Oh wait, it's custom. If anyone knows what that says, please translate asap 500 sel in immaculate condition.

Wow. I have to admit this is the most bizarre garage i've been to there's like five levels. I think check out this ben's, just dusty, wait what holy, crap, uh! Okay there, you guys have it interesting, abandoned s550. Look at this dust here! This is some middle eastern dust, but this being a enclosed garage and this amount of dirt.

I think it's been here for well over three to six months minimum and it's missing the rear. Bumper got the little riders over there driving over the uh cement blocks. The parking wow 450 slc we've got the gt350 shelby in immaculate condition, got another porsche right over here. I think it's a 944 s2 and, of course, the puri correct 560 sec, one asa wheels or something i'm not sure why i'm whispering, but i'm like the only person here crazy.

That is insane. This is like some stuff you see like in russia, middle east parts of asia. This thing wow great condition, great great condition. I think there's one downstairs, it's the second one i mean i don't even know what to say.

You got the cullinan, the bentega, another old benzo, all blacked out dude, oh abandoned, bmw, herrera. What the heck is going on in here. I feel like there's like a mixture of like oh look, aventador just chilling wow. Look at this limo.

Look at that! Bentley! Look at the hot rod: where did we even begin holy crap? This place is crazy, more classics than anything. Truly i mean there's nothing. I can really. Oh there's a prius right there.

Next to the bmw, really nice prius, mint condition, wow, good god. This is insane. I know i feel like i'm on a tape recorder, i'm just repeating myself, but truly. What have we stumbled upon here today? Still, the only one here haven't been a single soul for the past 15.

20 minutes, i'm guessing that's a type 300 sel. Now we're getting to the european section, look at these benzes here, no way! Yes! Oh that's! Sick! Like this e 500, we got a 560 sel right here. Oh my goodness, wow look at the flare, the uh front, arches right here. These are definitely old.

American classic cars dude. What is this thing right here right next to the uh toyota huh bizarre - and this is completely out of my realm - ogmc - not really sure what it is. Oh chevy's cadillac's, of course, back to this thing we got a 355 in the background here, a little hot rod: 560 sec, another one and check this out. Yes, the 62s maybach.

Oh, i love these things. I have an exact mo car 118 scale. Auto art of this, this is truly um. What a pleasure driving this car, what an absolute dream you're in you're out by the beam by the boom, my goodness 40 to 45 miles to the gallon gee super low key, oh yeah! This is a! This is a good find guys.

This was an absolute find and a half 10 out of 10 i'm going to give it an 11 out of 10, guys god damn let's go yo. This guy is either having a really good time or he's just tripping dude uh, which button should we press for this guy right here, i'm going with one second, that was pretty good. That was pretty good, sometimes we're just driving around guys. You're gon na find an entire stack of subarus, presumably from a dealer looking to store their access inventory, not really sure how subarus are selling these days, but i say there's around what 50 plus cars here look at this level after level, absolutely just empty dude, crazy.

Just flying around here look at this man. Oh that's dead end. What do we have here? I want to say this is abandoned by any means, but secret super cars of los angeles, hiding in underground garages, got ta love it. That was pretty good check out.

The g wagon boom, pretty nice color hold on a second. Let me park up and wait. There's a lot of dusty cars down here too. Just give me a second guys: wow look at this color monte, carlo old school prelude and you've got the old school honda accord, wow what a trio all right - i'm not really sure! What's going on down here, but huh american cars, a viper no way hold on you got ta, follow that thing: viper boom, chryslers, rubicons, uh, hmm, alfa, romeo's, four c's dusty! Alpha 4c pace car mega, dusty safety, car, sorry, safety, car! Oh, it's got a drum of gasoline in there as well holy smoke-a-roni.

This is insane. Oh, this is a sad sight. Oh look at all the stuff underneath the leaves how do leaves get under there. What happened hate to see it guys hate to see it, and now we found the kia long-term storage for excess inventory.

Let's see, what's on the top here, probably more kias, i would hate to have one just baking in the sun, but that's just personal preference. Oh, it looks pretty sick. Actually, oh right, all right, i think that's a wrap for this garage on to the next one baby, keeping the classy f430 very nice all right. We got a mclaren slr in white.

I think our buddy marcus cly who's in china. Right now used to have one of these in this exact spec, it's got a little bit of dust, not too much. I think i saw an older photo where there was a considerable amount of dust and that had not been driven in some time. I can't really tell looks like this guy on the clean or a wash, but it's still relatively dirty, dang.

Okay, this is an abandoned car. Probably not it just has been driven a long time. Unfortunately, maintenance on these mclaren srs are intensive, expensive. Just all over the place so be careful when you buy one of these things, but man i feel like they're going to go up soon, especially in a spec like this white, very classic car, there seems to be a recurring trend where every garage i go into.

There's always something not sure what these are definitely american classics from the looks of it. I can't quite figure out what these are right here. Let me know in the comments below at this particular time stamp. You know what this is.

You know what to do, and here we are another one, a ford mustang in pretty good condition. I don't know this is abandoned, but it has a lot of dust. That's been collecting here for probably weeks, if not months, interesting. Very nice color, though, look at that beautiful, so i made an instagram story asking guys to help me identify some sort of the uh abandoned cars, of los angeles, and one of you guys has submitted this one here.

An abandoned viper, see when the registration tags expire. 2017 too, weird to live too rare to die. Dang is actually abandoned, no kidding look at that. It looks like the door was slightly open, but it has a low jack across the uh steering wheel.

Thank you to whoever submitted this. I do appreciate all the uh suggestions you guys have made this search a lot easier with all the viewers submitted suggestions. Yeah it looks like a door is a jar here, goodness gracious. Judging on the scale of how much dust there is on this car, this is a 10 out of 10 abandoned dodge viper in los angeles 100, confirmed all right more cars here hit in the corner here.

What do we have? Hmm interesting gorgeous very well kept. It's got trickle chargers hiding in the corner here secrets everywhere. Any of these parking garages onwards and upwards to the next level check this out cadillac. I think it's el dorado, correct me.

If i'm wrong but stunning color stunning condition, these things are huge man. I thought my s-class was a boat. These are next level, wow, goodness guys get your orders straight before you get in the drive-through line. This guy's been at it for, like eight minutes, i'm being very patient.

I got nowhere to go but dude. This guy's been explaining the entire many to him for the past. Eight plus minutes get the order right before you get in line civic lx jesus christ, almighty, dude.

By effspot

12 thoughts on “Abandoned supercars in los angeles part 2”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alex Martinez says:

    Ever since MSO started to offer the “update and personalization” program for the SLR (which has just recently happed) I believe the market value will begin to rise.

    In this new era of high spec individualized cars, the factory offered programs and newly developed parts is and will continue to be a highly valued service in the high end car market. Harry’s garage just recently featured one of these new MSO SLRs and it looks amazing in a color other than the factor offered black and silver. The new interior options harping back to Classic Benz cars is just the cherry to top it all off. There is a reason Manny K purchased 5 SLRs and the bottom market prices with searingly no knowledge of future values rising to pay off his investment risk.

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars ESHAK says:

    This is hidden gem man all these classic old cars has stories behind them that would love to sit and listen to them for hours
    Saw you tonight at rodeo in your lambo, sounds so fkn good man

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jason Voorhees says:

    This has to be a lot for seized cars from the police. They had to have all been bought with drugs or something. I'm surprised they weren't auctioned off yet. Perhaps because of covid?

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bronx Lad says:

    That first garage like that other comment is just so strange! I’m just saying the same thing he is: why so many old and new cars? It’s just so weird to see so many mint condition abandoned cars that people could still enjoy. I wonder if any car had any contact information to buy it or something like that. So sad to just see all those cars sitting there.

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Kat says:

    Another nice one effspot 👍Trying to figure this out. Must be apartment owners indoor rental spots. Guys Gals with limited or nothing but street parking. Got to be security in out and cameras as well. Eff got the 👌 to film

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Luke Skywalker says:

    Very interesting. How do you find out about these places? How are you certain these cars are abandoned? Maybe they're just in long-term storage

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Airdrome Account says:

    This video is false and misleading. These cars are not abandoned rather they are being stored, some in the short term and some in the long term hence the dust. Nice try, OP.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars RacingBacon says:

    Gonna go out on a limb here and say almost all of those cars in that first garage are owned by the same person. Either that or a studio/production company.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars UPSLynx says:

    Effspot, I commend you on not messing with any of the cars hidden under covers. Not your property, the mystery remains. yeah, we'd all love to see what they were, but I'm glad you didn't mess with private property for youtube views.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daryl White says:

    If the wrong people get into that parking garage there will be some stripping going on and I’m not talking titty clubs folks.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars -TaylorD 2AM- says:

    That is so insane. The amount of cars you just drove by without even knowing or talking about theme. Millions of dollars in that first long clip of cars.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars effspot says:

    Thanks to everyone who submitted a tip, location or garage! This video couldn't have been made without you guys. If you have any additional information on any secret garages, collections or outright abandoned supercars, send a DM to my Instagram @effspot

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