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Oh baby, baby, this thing is looking whoa. I think he damn look at it. Oh, that is a long boy right there, looking pretty clean, so beautiful, it's so timeless. It's classic we're gon na hop in here and roll out with the boys.

Okay. Here we go. Oh, oh, oh, do you guys just see that oh, my gosh yo, this guy almost clipped a vent in the rx-7? Oh my god! Oh my gosh over here. Oh my goodness, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa.

This is where the party's at hold on holy smokes. Oh, oh, oh, we got a little sideways, oh jeez. What do we walk into? I have no idea. It's going to be like this.

Oh camel rack's back uh yo. What is going on everywhere. It's an rc car or oh, look at the tracks. Here.

It was like chill like 15 minutes ago what the heck happened in those 15 minutes. We just caught the tail end of the show. Here we had no idea it's going to be like this, my goodness, you better believe it. We did not expect this at all.

Oh, i don't know, i don't know i underestimated my back. We got to get gas, i'm absolutely out of gas zero. I think i ran over this. This bottle or something or this can damn you'll see it on the video later.

That's a squall right. There boys night out guys check this out. We've got richie's m3. We got the s600 with the infamous that's right overall exhaust looking mighty fine, we just spent 73 on 11.3 gallons of gas.

Welcome to california, it's been a hot second, since i've really filled up any of my internal combustion engine cars ice so to speak, tesla. This is the boys night out right here. What a combination! This is what it's all about, got the whole squad out tonight. We're missing a couple people, but you know what it is.

What it is. We ran into a little boo boo here right tire here was completely flat, but we do have the fan tech coming in clutch. It's at 23 psi right now it was at zero. So it's coming to save today, i don't know how big the gash or the the leak is.

We're gon na find out in just a bit see i actually do use my sponsored product guys there. It is in the flash. We have a flat tire here in beverly hills. It's like 2 a.m.

Right now, i think my other tires are good. That's crazy, though, cannot believe it check out the garage here. Ladies and gentlemen, we've got the extendo range over here, the limousine, the 570 avenador and got the mclaren cena that was bought with how many miles of this radio over here that's right, 75 miles. I can't remember how many options this particular car has i'm going to whip up my phone and take a little look so we're reading the description.

The bring the trailer description this car is bought at 1.4, mil it has a 268 000 gloss. Visual carbon fiber body. Finish right over here 75 miles, my goodness, gracious, oh boy, hot diggity, damn that looks pretty pretty insane we're gon na hop in and the exterior. This thing is insane number 422 out of 500 check out the interior.

It's my first time sitting in a mclaren center. We're gon na go for a little ride. We're gon na coach startup on the 570 right over here as well. In the final clip of the last video.

These things are super fast. I'm gon na hop in here in just a little bit. Do a little sunset. Look breather back in man.

This thing is insane: let's see, there's no easy way to get. Oh, my gosh, oh, i barely fit got the sandals in here baby. Look at this thing! Oh, oh, the center console. Oh, this is the window.

Guys it's closed. So it's open now we're gon na close it. That's literally all you get oh yeah first person to wear sandals into mclaren senna. I don't know.

Let me know comments below, but this window i mean you can barely have your hand out. That's crazy there. She is the super g we're gon na. Let her rest for tonight.

We're gon na hop in the center here see what this thing's all about: baby, oh the world's greatest canyon, carver, about to take on the mclaren senna chassis number. 422 boy, ak rpm! Let's go! Oh, oh, my lord and open nice. Oh my! Oh, my goodness, gracious what ugh! Oh my goodness! I didn't know what to say. I have a new fan, respect for uh mclaren's! I guess seeing this near full capability on the actual streets of los angeles is pretty nuts.

Now that is the thumbnail right there right here right here, thumbnail boom there. It is, ladies and gentlemen, look at that. Of course, the m3 held out on its own rather well we're still waiting for. Oh, oh jeez, oh i almost got ran over.

I mean what can you even say about this mclaren cena? This thing is an absolute monster on the road holy smoke-a-roni dude and almost got ran over by a random girl driving through the gas station. Your piece back has how many exhaust kits european has three that's right and us got two that is an eddie hallibring. That's a max pack, that's a match back, but we're gon na say that eddie crack today how many exhaust pipes, the european, how many three? Oh trifecta, americans only have two yeah this one louder, i don't know bart's favorite, oh the police are here they're. Looking for you now, they're looking for an m3 driver, there's no easy way getting in boys hold on there.

We are oh, do a couple. Adjustments boom boom, we are in business uh. They really need to repave this part of sunset boulevard. Oh, my goodness, this thing is absolutely insane.

I have no words, i am actually shocked and stunned. So excuse me if i don't formulate any coherent sentences for the next few minutes. Why process what the hell just happened so so this is where the battery tender goes yeah boom boom. Do you put this down? You just leave it up there we go.

How about say something you're on video suck? My oh, oh, that's! Not nice! Jesus! We're going to turn them off, won't turn off there. We go we're good! Oh shampoo, oh he's running.

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