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Oh, oh, oh, they just jacked that store dude all the way around the corner. We got graces, that's crazy! Wow! It's getting pretty good dude's, getting pretty good. These are escalating out of control. Baby! Let's go! Let's go taste! We can't hear it come on wait.

What was that, so? We were just on the rally and uh oh rip, baby. Damn two, i see the owner and the cop just chilling. That's good! Oh damn, not good! Oh my god! Honk louder. Everyone's life is santa monica we park here on the street.

Oh guys take a little nap right over there. Oh, oh, yes, sir! Yes, sir! Oh, oh, oh god! Oh hell, yeah, oh yeah! They love that! Oh there it damn! Yes, sir! I should just send out to my instagram there you go shout them out there. You go and listen to ourselves, we're made with intent. Oh my god.

He knew what to do my man in the camaro. Let's go there, you go no problem, no problem. He knew on on command on command. I don't know what to tell you guys, but good.

Lord look: how close this was to going down the cliff down here? Oh my goodness, jeez this guy got lucky man. He slowed down slow. What the hell did he crash yep. He did really yep.

Oh, i see him. I see him. I see him. I see him yeah, look at this guy ruining everyone's friday night.

I don't have the camcorder with the optical zoom, we're using the sony zv1 we're entering digital zoom right now. Listen guys! If i've ever learned anything, you basically got to do a pool or if or a donut once you never come back twice guys. So i don't know this get him get it guys check this out license plate cover all right, press button. Yeah you tell them he's in full bounce mode, don't forget, we got the tiguan baby, the got whole photographer the instagrammer, and then we got this going over here hold on a second on the roof.

Yeah dude no way come on wait hold on. Are you kidding me right now, boob dog, oh oh whoa, whoa, whoa, they're, like beefing with someone in there. I think right, yeah, yo, uh! Oh there they go thanks a lot man. You yep he's yelling! No guys! Look at this! What you got to be kidding me just left, abandoned on the side of the road, along with a road sign only in malibu hold on a second.

What, ah, oh, we got ta pull over holy smokes. What the hell happened here, what oh yeah this person right here, there's a dude right there. What hold on he's got to go forward he's got to go forward. Oh okay, one two! Three! Oh you're good! Are you actually serious a frontal collision? They just ran over a bunch of debris.

Oh my god, dude hold on how the hell did this go down guys check out this rav4? No, oh! What you got to think, sir sir. You need to fix her back with that's so dangerous. Look at these people over there just staring at these statues here in front of this guy's house. What is going on this statue over here uh he's handling some sort of barred wire now the best one yet is right over the fence here check this out hold on what in the world dude it's two peeping toms guys.

Look at my neighbor here. Look how close they parked their bends? Are you actually ready for this? It says it's a security like hold on just wait for it to zoom in hold on. Are you kidding me if i was going to hire security? I would not want that to be my security. That is the jankiest thing.

I've ever seen in my entire life. Wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait is that a dog that dog is literally like that check this out. Only sedans yeah, that's sick.

That's the best thing. We've seen all night: yes, you guys think this guy put on his wing backwards like yeah 100. Oh, my god, sir, is that wing on is that wing on backwards. Did he say anything? No dude! That's a win and a half dude! That's pretty sick dude! Wait that seagull is trying to try to mess with that drone there hold on horatio brought the whole squad with them.

Dude! Oh, oh, it's got tricks. Let's check out this dog whoa. That's insane hit those check out the chevrolet camaro, but they're. You can't even make this up.

I don't think these are real parking tickets, someone hand wrote all these and place them on nearly every other car here parked at the lot. They took the effort and the time to write this up for unauthorized parking. Two we made it yes, sir. Yes, sir, let's go, let's go, ladies and gentlemen, we're hopping in the bonneville and what the oh there.

He is. Mr sheep.

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